Check out what is the intermittent fasting diet plan for losing weight and why it’s a diet worth trying.

DAY 11:

Breakfast Lunch Lunchbox Snack Dinner Tip of the day:
Rye bread with scrambled eggs and tomatoes and ham Grüne Nudeln mit Schinkensauce Green noodles with ham sauce:80g Green noodles, salt
50 g sliced ham, a little onion, 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil, 100 g tomatoes, garlic, 100 ml vegetable stock, salt, pepper, basil, chopped or Italian herbs, 30 g grated Parmesan cheese.
Green noodles cook until soft. Chopped onion and finely chopped ham fry in vegetable oil, and allow to simmer for 10 minutes diced tomatoes, garlic, vegetable broth and seasonings. Sprinkle grated cheese and herbs above.
Carrot-apple salad:2 carrots, 2 apples, some orange juice, 1 teaspoon of oil, salt, pepper, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, a little sugar, 2 wholemeal bread, 1 tablespoon cream cheese, 2 slices of Gouda.
Wash, peel and grate the carrots. Place the carrots in a bowl. Then add the lemon juice and the orange juice and the oil. Season with salt, pepper and sugar and mix well. Then peel the apples and remove the core and grate the carrots.
6-8 piece Spelt Salt pretzel, Cottage cheese, 4 cherry tomatoes Baked broccoli with cheese and almonds:250g broccoli, salt, pepper, 50g Gouda, 20g almonds, 2 tablespoons olive oil.Exempt from the broccoli stem and in salted water cook in ice water scare that he retains the green color (Alternatively, you can use frozen broccoli). Add the broccoli in a fireproof dishes and season with salt and pepper and cover with slices of Gouda with almonds, sprinkle in a preheated oven at 195 C bake for about 10 minutes before serving with a few drops of good olive oil drizzle. There are different situations and influences that move us to eat. Can to some, or should even enter, other lead us only to unnecessary food and are responsible for the extra kilos? Did you sometimes feel like you’re remotely eating? Are you eating for example, every afternoon a piece of cakes, biscuits  or chocolate? The enjoyment of this delicacy is not nearly as memorable as the terrible feeling when there must be no cake or no chocolate at once. While the chocolate is still a luxury food, the right dosed certainly not addictive! Nothing fixes our desire more than the self-ban.Is there something on which you have a great desire? Plane that food or beverage aware in the near future!!

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solid fasting diet plan for losing weight


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