The caveman diet, also known as Paleo Diet, is one of the healthiest diets around. The diet is based on how our ancestors ate, and makes the body very lean.

Since then, and in particular in the last 50 years, the daily diet for many of us has become very processed. The modern diet has resulted in an epidemic of obesity and ill-health linked to it; such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease and some cancers.

The caveman diet is based on eating from wild animals, fish direct from the rivers, berries and nuts from the trees and anything you can forage for. Dairy and wheat were not in the diet because animals had not been domesticated and there were no fields for growing grains until years later people started to live in communes. There were also periods of fasting when food was scarce.


So with the above in mind, the caveman diet or some aspects of it may be helpful for you to stay healthy. If you’ve struggled with obesity, these changes could possibly reverse or manage the above conditions.

This isn’t an ideal diet for a vegetarian, however.  See my article on a high keto vegetarian diet for an alternative! For those well-suited for the caveman diet,  you will feel more energized and leaner if you stick with this diet.

Principles of the caveman diet

1) Avoid refined sugar

-Excess sugar converts to fat

-Refined sugar is inflammatory, which triggers many health conditions from heart disease to arthritis

-Increases dental problems

-Causes major risk for diabetes

 Avoid:  Cakes,  biscuits, sweets,  sugary drinks including  fruit juice,  processed sauces, soups, refined flour.

2) Cut out fats the body can’t utilise

Avoid  hydrogenated  fats  found in processed foods and take away foods which reheat cooking oils. Damaging the oil forms trans fats which the  body can not utilise.

Avoid: Ready meals,   bought cakes,  biscuits,  takeaway  meals ie  fish and chips,  Indian

3) No excessive alcohol

We are drinking more  alcohol than ever  as a society  and   on top of  liver disease; is a risk factor for cancer and heart disease in excess.   In particular for women    while the liver is processing alcohol it cannot process oestrogen which  results in excess oestrogen which has been linked to  breast cancer.

Avoid : binge drink

Have  1  glass of  wine  3 days  a week  maximum.

Drink  1.5  to  2 litres of water daily

4) Reduce salt levels

Salt may have been used as a preserver when fridges and freezers were not around, but excess salt is a risk factor for 1 in 4 people.

Avoid: many  processed ready meals , bread, cereals,  cheese and  meats.

To reduce salt levels in the body, it is essential to eat foods in their natural state and have adequate levels of water, fruit and vegetables.

caveman diet_2

5) Get lean protein

Having higher amounts of lean protein is beneficial as it reduces your appetite for sugar.

Avoid: Mass-produced meats or fish, which may contain hormones!!

Increased  lean  organic/free range meat, poultry and fish.

Always  balance protein with vegetable to support alkaline balance in the body.

Caveman diet meal plan


3 egg omelette with kale OR

Handful of berries and nuts OR

Organic Sausage meat and vegetables


Berries and nuts


Handful of seeds


Wild boar with half a plate of vegetables  OR

Salmon with vegetables

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