Today’s topic is on non-traditional reasons as to why some people do not lose body fat. The fitness industry has misled us for many previous generations with regards to what we should be eating and what is healthy. I am a believer that one man’s food is another man’s poison and what is considered healthy for one person may be detrimental to the next person. Having said that, the majority of us will do well to address and incorporate the points below as a good starting point on achieving successful and achievable fat loss.

Top 6 reasons you’re not losing belly fat 

1. You live in a disorganized and messy house

Clear environment, clear mind, clear body. You are a product of your environment, so it is very important that you are keeping it tidy. Ever seen the boss’ house?

You will never see the boss’ house messy with pizza boxes lying around the place or refuse sacks loitering around the communal areas, because this guy/woman has their life in order and has the discipline to live in a clean and empowering environment. A disorganized and unclean environment leads to bad habits, lack of respect for your personal and physical development.

If you have a dirty kitchen then you will also be cooking in filth and bacteria will spread like wildfire. So make sure you clean your hobs, your pans and you take your bins away as if you have maggots and what not crawling around you will be absorbing their filth along with any unwanted bacteria that is loitering around your cooking utensils.

2. You haven’t learned that fat is not your enemy but it is your friend

Fat is not your enemy, it is your friend. Good fat that is. Trans fats found in margarine and ready meals are not good for you, but fat in the form of nuts, avocados, dairy and fish are great sources you can use to burn body fat. Higher consumption of these fats with moderate to high amounts of quality protein will lead to your body turning into a fat burning machine.

Most people would do well to consume more good fats in their fat loss mission. In my opinion you either go low carb, moderate to high fat or low fat and moderate to high carbs but never ever low carb and low fat as this creates a biological mess.

3. You still eat cereal for breakfast

How old are you? Over the age of 20? Come on man, cereal is for kids. When I say cereal I do not mean muesli, oats or Weetabix but more like special K, coco pops and frosties. There is a saying we have in the fitness industry about cereal and that is that there is more nutritional value in the cardboard box than the cereal itself! This is due to the high amount of sugar loaded in many traditional cereal, so you should always check the packet to make sure you are not consuming bucket loads of the stuff which only leads to increase in body fat and sugar addictions, which is not a road you want to go down.

Instead, opt for high protein breakfasts with some vegetables to give your body the ultimate kick start to the day. Not everybody needs carbohydrates in the morning and we have traditionally been mislead by our previous generations on what a healthy breakfast is. Again, it is dependent on the individual but most of us do not need carbs for breakfast and we would be better served having our “healthy” evening meals of what nationally seems to be chicken and vegetables in the morning. It sounds counter intuitive, however, try it and experience the results for yourself.


4. You do too much cardio

Are you one of THOSE people who still think five hours on the cross trainer a week is the way to a lean and fit body just because you can see the calories burned clocking up on the machine? If you are, then you need to rethink your strategy because you may be working hard, but going in the wrong direction.

For most of my clients, they do 75 minutes cardio a week tops unless they are training for a cardio specific sport or goal, like a road race or a marathon.

Cardio is great for building muscular endurance and you will use your aerobic system in doing  your other training e.g. weights needs to be in sync with this. It doesn’t make sense to lift 5 sets of 5 reps on a big compound movement (anaerobic system, without oxygen) to then do a cardio session at a steady slow pace in the same workout (aerobic) or even the same week, as your body won’t be as prepared for the workout or workload. You wouldn’t see a sprinter going for a three-hour row would you?

6 shocking reasons why you're still struggling with belly fat

5. You don’t lift weights enough

I don’t mean lifting to get big like a body builder, as this is different. Weight training can be used for every goal and it should be used in some way for every goal. The intensity, weight, rest time, lifting style and load will very from person to person, as everybody is different. Weight training increases body density, lean muscle mass and burns calories plus the more lean muscle you have on your body then you will burn more calories naturally at rest so lifting is a no brainer.

Lifting weights also teaches your central nervous system to handle loads and this will help when you are going about your everyday life as you will become more efficient at what you do and you will use your energy stores more effectively.

6. You base your session success on how many calories the machine tells you you’ve burned

This is a bad way to go mojo. When you do weight training or you use interval training, you create what is called the after burn affect. This means you burn a high number of calories for up to 48 hours after you have finished training. Mathematically, this trumps just doing what you do in the session, so if we imagine you burn 400 calories in an hour on the cross trainer and we take 40% of that multiplied by the next fourty eight hours, you get 7,680 calories which is about three days consumption of food for the average male.

Therefore, it makes sense in every way to stop factoring in how many calories you burn on a machine. The machine also cannot predict calories burned from just holding onto it as it can only give you a rough guide based on your weight and height.

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