Oatmeal is a great natural wholesome nutritious food, which can be used in many different recipes to many different things. It is more commonly used to make porridge, but can also be used to make granola, cookies, cakes, energy bars and milkshake. so lets find out if oatmeal help in weight loss

Here are some of the best reasons to include oatmeal in your diet especially if you are looking to lose weight and it doesn’t have to cost much as you can buy a packet of oats for as little as 60p.

Have them regularly to reap the benefits.


Fact No 1: Oatmeal is a great source of protein, which is great for building muscle and strength. Working out and doing exercise is essential for weight loss and having more protein in the diet will increase the effects of exercise to the body. Oats can be added to protein shakes, which are great to have when working out.

Fact No 2: Oatmeal is known for its high fibre content. Fibre is an essential nutrient needed for a healthy digestive system. It aids food to be broken down effectively and prevents constipation. This will help to reduce the feeling of bloating and will also help the food to travel through the body more efficiently, allowing all the valuable nutrients to be absorbed well in the gut and removing any unnecessary nutrients.Oatmeal help for Weight Loss  8 surprising facts you should know


Fact No 3: Many studies have now shown that oatmeal helps to lower cholesterol, which is essentially fat, as well as high blood pressure. Overweight and obesity is often linked to heart disease, therefore incorporating oatmeal in to the diet, simply by having porridge for breakfast, will help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and high blood pressure.

Fact No 4: Having a good metabolism helps to increase the process of losing excess weight. Oats are believed to stimulate the thyroid gland, the gland that produces hormones, which can help to regulate the metabolic system. This means that it will be able to activate the food we eat into energy.

Fact No 5: Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate which is great for fuel and makes you feel fuller for longer. It releases energy slowly and steadily which means that you won’t feel hungry for a good 3-4 hours until your next meal, keeping you from snacking unnecessarily and piling on those extra calories that you don’t need.

delicious breakfast with oats, strawberries, bananas, mango

Fact No 6: Foods low in fat are your best friend when losing weight and oats only have about 2g of saturated fat per 100g, which is great! Having foods low in fat will increase your weight loss process and lower the risk of high fat related illnesses, such as heart disease and some cancers.

Fact No 7: Oatmeal, particularly steel cut oats are one of the foods that have a low glycaemic index. As well as keeping you fuller for longer this also means that it regulate your blood sugar levels steadily and effectively, which will have an effect on your appetite, body and hormones. Oats have a glycaemic index of 40-50 which is average.

Fact No 8: Lastly, oatmeal is a great overall nutritious food. It contains several vitamins and minerals which the body needs to work from the brain to the bones. For example, they contain high amounts of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, B-vitamins, folic acid, iron and zinc. When wanting to lose weight people generally eat less food which can mean missing out on essential vitamins and minerals which we all need for our body to work properly in everyday life, so by having oats, we can be sure we are reaching our goal to losing weight without losing the essential nutrients.

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