Seriously? Absolutely.

As anyone who has ever been on a diet will tell you, diets make you fat.

Reason Number One not to diet

The reason diets make you fat is that if you go on a strict eating regime (because let’s face it that’s exactly what a ‘diet; is) your body gets used to so many calories or carbohydrates and being the clever machine it is, it adjusts itself.

So after weeks (if you’re really dedicated) to this painstaking punishment you reach your goal.

Woohoo and very good for you. So you go off on your holiday or whatever other reason you undertook this diet for and you go back to ‘normal’ eating.

And your body goes phew that’s a relief proper food and you end up weighing more than you did before you started the blasted thing. It’s called yo-yo- dieting – for obvious reasons. And the more you do it, the fatter you will get.

Reason number Two

And carrying on from that, the reverse, sad to say, is also true.  Once your body gets used to so many calories or carbs because it adjusts itself you will find that it becomes harder and harder to lose weight.

Reason Number Three

If you lead a normal life, ie you work, live, cook, travel (to an office or somewhere), look after other people, go to the cinema, eat out – well you get the general idea – a normal life rather than one where you’re languishing on a bed all day, or by a beach – you use up energy.

And it’s a fact that your body, no matter what size needs certain nutrients to keep it going. If it doesn’t get those nutrients it will be prone to all sorts of aches, pains, illnesses.

You won’t be able to function properly, you will be tired, your immune system will be weaker and you will fall prey to every cough, cold, ailment out there.

most effective diet2

Reason Number Four

Diets are boring. By their very existence they are usually one dimensional giving very little variety to your daily eating. Therefore you get bored very easily and you give up.

Reason Number Five

Following on from four, why on earth would you want to subject yourself to counting calories or carbs or anything like that? Don’t you deserve better than that? And that’s where mind set comes in.

There is a thing called the Law of Attraction and like any law it has rules. In fact this one is very simple and takes a very short time to learn. To implement however it takes some people a lifetime and they still don’t get it.

What you focus on expands. What you put out there comes back to you.

Ever heard of “what goes around comes around”. And what on earth has that got to do with losing weight. Or dieting. An awful lot. If you believe that you’re meant to be over weight no amount of dieting will work. You will subconsciously keep sabotaging yourself.

Reason Number Six

It’s all in the mind. Doesn’t matter how much you think you ‘want’ to lose weight if you have inner beliefs that say you’ll be a certain size you’ll never be ‘that person’.

So how about being you? Or is that too scary?  When you change your perceptions, your ideas and thoughts about who you are, your weight will come off easily.  It’s a fact.

Reason Number Seven

most effective diet

Diets are one dimensional. They do not give you the vitamins and minerals and everything else you need to be healthy and lose weight.

Reason Number Eight

Actually there is a diet to go on and that’s one from negative beliefs. Up to the time you’re seven years old you take in all sorts of idea, beliefs, thoughts about who you are and who you are meant to be.

A lot of those limiting beliefs do not serve you anymore. Take for instance ‘don’t talk to strangers’. As a child that makes perfect sense.

Your parents were keeping you safe. But as an adult, when you have choices, it can keep you as a very isolated and shy individual.  You might have taken in all sorts of beliefs around food while you were growing up.

How you saw your parents behave, your siblings, friends, teachers, all those people you came into contact with as an impressionable child. You might not even be aware of those beliefs but they are holding you back.

If you have patterns of self sabotage, that’s probably where it comes from. In order to lose weight successfully, in fact in order to do anything successfully, you have to look at where your beliefs came from, and get rid of them.

You must then replace them with positive beliefs and thoughts which will empower you to move on. When you do that you will find that everything in your life will work.

Reason Numbers Nine and Ten

I’ve said diets are boring, one dimensional, unhealthy, they make you fat. They are also expensive.

How much money have you spent over the years on meal supplements, meal replacements, diet pills? Did they work? No of course they didn’t.

If they did there’d be no fat people and the dieting industry which is a multimillion dollar one would go out of business – excuse the pun – fat chance of that!

Oh and how much money have you paid out for gym memberships? Do you ever go? Do you actually enjoy it?

And what about all that home equipment, bikes, and weights, and all sorts of stuff that is probably at this very minute collecting dust in some cupboard or attic?

And what about your time, energy, hopes, dreams?

How often have you started a diet and thought this time it’ll work?

How many times have you sent off for some latest gimmick, waiting patiently for it to arrive and been terribly disappointed when it does?

The title of this article is the most effective diet is not to diet and when you read what I’ve said you know in your heart how right I am.

Put your energy into personal development. Learn about limiting beliefs and how to get rid of them. Change your mindset and change your life.

You’ll be so much happier I promise.

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