Everyone has had experiences of being grateful beyond words for surprises, wishes granted, hard work paying off, selffulfilling prophecies being filled, prayers answered and smashing your goals…

What if you were grateful for all of your mistakes, shortcomings, and all of the people and companies that told you “No”, and you still didn’t give up?

What about all of the people that don’t and didn’t believe in you and you still kept going? What about the losses you have endured thus far? What are your perspectives on those occurrences in your life?


There will always be obstacles on your journey – how we handle and perceive the failures, whether we keep persevering and learning to never give up – it is this that will determine our success.

I’ve made so many mistakes I couldn’t even count them! 

I have failed more times than most people start or even think about beginning. The reason I fail and keep going is because I believe in myself and my company so much that no one or nothing can stop me from succeeding.

Did you know that Walt Disney was fired from a job by a newspaper editor because, “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” (onlinecollege.org) Today Disney brings in billions of dollars and fires the imagination of children and adults alike all over the world!

What kind of perspective do you have on failures?

Do you use them as motivation to get you one step closer to your goals? I don’t complain about clients that don’t want to work with me, I just push on and market my company even more so than I did the month previously. When Forbes didn’t publish my article that I submitted – I wrote a better one and put more time, effort, research and creativity into the second one for submission.

When people talk badly about me, my company or the products or services I just develop something new and market it so they know I am not giving up. I do humbly serve ½ a million people around the globe – so I know that I am doing something right!

There have been tears, sweat, sleepless nights, no money to start a company, no way to market because I had no money, no support at the beginning or the middle or sometimes even now I lack support, people have told me I charge too much for my coaching, I have heard that I will never be successful or accomplish my goals, that I am not a good writer…

One of my favorite quotes is;  “Be somebody nobody thought you could be,” – William Chapman

Doors to success don’t open by themselves, you must make a conscious effort to open them yourself

Make a window and climb up the ladder if you must but don’t you dare for one instance allow anyone to tell you that you are not good enough. There are enough critics in this world and you cannot be one of them. You have to be your own inspiration sometimes and cheer for yourself and pat yourself on the back.

million mistakes_2


Create your own opportunities

Engagements, meetings with those of influence, make your business plans, create a vision board, don’t jump through burning bushes for people that don’t appreciate you. Never take your success for granted and keep a happy attitude through it all.

Gratitude does change our attitude!

The more we remain positive the more we attract positive people and situations. The Law of Attraction works amazingly when you get out of your own way. I recommend bold and big mindful manifestations every day.

What you think about and speak about you most definitely will bring about into existence. Learning to use this powerful tool will create much happiness for you if you truly believe the paths will be paved for you.

Take the first step

And all of a sudden all of the resources, people you need and educational resources become easily available. When you think life is too tough – it ultimately throws you tough situations to handle. When drama surrounds you – make sure to check yourself that you are not adding to the problems. When nothing seems to be going your way – check your thoughts.

I can almost guarantee that you are not in the right mindset. Also be really careful of allowing fear to creep in and send out vibes of anxiousness, scarcity and lack of … We must diligently train our brains to develop our realities and come from a place of self worth, value, wealth, readiness, willingness, the ability to succeed, positivity, good vibes and surround ourselves with those that we would like to become!

In other words, simply put, if you want to be the best of the best then you must be around the best of the best and learn from them.

A lack of trying is a sure way to fail but so is continuous trying and failing

The more you practice and get your mind wrapped around the concept that failure is a must in order to succeed – you will get the positive end results much faster. Fail forward and do so quickly in order to get to your blessings faster.

And also remember to condition yourself in believing that failure and your perspective on failure can either make you or break you. Use your collective genius that is inside all of us to catapult you into the next level confidently.

My millions of mistakes will make me millions when I am grateful for them and turn them into blessings instead of disasters allowing them to break me and get me to quit. Our obstacles are always put in our way to see just how bad we want something – for that I am certain.

Go be great and step into your power and take massive action for powerful results.

Always be authentically yourself – allowing miracles to freely flow to you because you created them all anyway – so why not be blessed by them!

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