There are so many celebrity trainers and so-called fitness experts that push these 800 to 900 calorie a day diets for extreme weight loss purposes. Some even publish this nonsensical information in paperback books which is absolutely crazy.

Of course it sounds like it would make sense that the less you eat the more you lose. To the uninitiated that would seem to be a pretty obvious conclusion. But that’s not how science works!

The facts!


There is a certain minimal caloric threshold that if you go below that it will actually make it harder for your body to lose weight. It sounds counterintuitive, so let me explain this to you so it makes complete sense.

All the research has shown that when your caloric intake is lower than the amount your body needs to function normally, your resting metabolic rate will decrease drastically which in turn makes it difficult to lose weight.

Your body basically goes into starvation mode when you are consuming a diet less than 1,200 calories

Additional research has shown the biggest decreases in your resting metabolic rate, (RMR) when the daily caloric diets are less than 1200 calories. This temporary metabolic decline comes from the lowering of the thyroid hormone point, reduced muscle mass, etc.

Obviously if you increase those calories above 1,200 then your resting metabolic rate(RMR) will increase which will help you lose weight faster.

The metabolic decline is not permanent it is temporary, but you have to be conscious that you are eating enough healthy calories within the day if you really want to lose weight.

Starving yourself is not the answer to weight loss, it is counterproductive and will hurt you

The only person that should be prescribing super lower calorie diets are medical doctors that are dealing with candidates who are obese and have weight related medical problems. Other than that it is not advisable to be pushing those types of diets to anybody as you will do more harm than good.

Low caloic diets_2

Some of the minor side affects you can experience on a low caloric diet are: nausea, fatigue, dizziness, constipation, irregular menstrual period and diarrhoea, etc. Just imagine how you will feel being on some silly 800 calorie a day liquid or detox diet?

Gallstones would be the major side effect to a super low caloric diet. Additional symptoms are: You will have minimal to zero energy and you are not going to feel like yourself. You are likely to be cranky, irritable and have a foggy brain. And the reason is because you don’t have enough nutrients or food in your body to allow you to function properly. Not only that, you won’t be able to function regularly in any reasonable type of physical activity.

Don’t fall for the initial ‘success’

You may lose some weight in the first two weeks of any diet like that but it is not sustainable and you will gain that weight back.

Extreme dieting is not healthy and will hurt you from a long term perspective so don’t do it!

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