We are well and truly into 2017 and 90% who made New Years resolutions have already given up on them for a variety of reasons. Year after year we make the same resolutions over and over and consistently fail in achieving our goals!

Is there an easy way of stacking the odds in favour of sticking to our intentions and resolutions and achieving our goals?

Yes we can achieve our goals but we have to go the extra mile and be willing to change our approach to achieving them. If you want to lose those extra pounds or be healthier you have to change the way you try to achieve them.

Don’t listen to your excuses!

I often hear reasons like, I travel too often and can’t settle into a routine, I don’t have enough time, it is too difficult, I ran out of motivation, life got in the way.

With a couple of simple tweaks this could be set staring easily. The application and adherence will take some dedication and a little sacrifice here and there.

The most important part of achieving your goals is, having a real desire to change!

You have to be willing to make the necessary sacrifices, if this is not a priority in your life then no matter what systems you put in place you are setting yourself up for failure.

Look back at your goals you set at the beginning of the year, are they specific goals? Losing weight and being healthier or even paying off some debt are not goals those are wishes.

A goal would be
⁃ Lose 12 pounds of fat by 1st of April by,
⁃ Losing 4 pounds in January, February and March each by weight training 4 times a week at 6-7pm at night eating three self prepared balanced nutritious meals, not drinking alcohol until after 1st of April (this is where the sacrifice and will to change comes in). To achieve my 12 pounds I have to sleep and wake up at regular times and get eight hours of quality sleep etc.

This is how you start building your goals and set a plan of action on how to achieve it. The more detail you set out the easier it is to achieve your goal. Always remember to keep your goals realistic.

keeping resolutions 2017_1
Practical tips to help achieve your goals:

1) Book out your diary on the times you want to do the specific activity you want to do to achieve your goal.
2) Get help of a professional in your journey, take the guesswork out of the process, it is an extra expense but a good professional will give you sustainable results and it is one less thing you need to worry about!
3) Do not try and achieve all at once, pick the most important thing and work on that. Once it becomes a habit move on the the next one, again have a plan and deadlines.
4) If you travel often and find it difficult to keep up with your training and health goals think about seeing a professional where you travel too. A company like WorldTrainer is a fitness concierge that can link you up with some of the best trainers across the world who will work with you and your current trainer to ensure you stay on point and achieve your goals.
5) Measure your progress, seeing how you are improving as your body changing will motivate you to achieve your goal. Do not expect changes to occur over night, be realistic and again let a professional help you set realistic achievable goals.

Keeping resolutions is not always easy, but if they are good resolutions, they are worth keeping!

You can keep your resolutions and you will enjoy the benefits! With a bit of planning and if your goals are important enough to you then there is no reason why you should not reach your goals.

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