Learning from Octogenarian Naturopath Keki Sidhwa

Once, in a determined frenzy to clear bacteria, I stuffed an onion, leeks and garlic through the juicer, gulped it back, went into a pale sweat and spent the next 30 minutes ‘praying at the porcelain altar’. It might have got rid of the bacteria, but it also got rid of everything else!

So after that kind of self inflicted misery and punishment, this dedicated Detox Retreat was all very pleasant! It was also quite peculiar not to have a list of Must Do’s for the day; no shopping, no emails, no chasing my tail – just down time.


Fasting is meant to rest the body and allow it to self correct.The energy is spent on healing.

In fact as much as 50% of energy goes into digestion, so remove that from the equation and the body is nearly in rest mode. That of course can never happen if you continue to run around undertaking your usual errands, working and training yourself with any intensity.

Octogenarian Naturopath Keki Sidhwa takes no prisoners when it comes to fasting and has regularly supervised hefty two week long fasts. The results have been extraordinary in terminal cases but it takes a brave person or parent to trust in this. However, as Amanda Hamilton says, a long and real fast is a shock to the body so knowing when to administer such healing methods should be left up to the experienced and wise, like 84-year-old Keki.

Juicing benefits!

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Juicing is very easy on digestion, it is quickly absorbed and rapidly places vitamins into the bloodstream! It is also quite satisfying to the appetite. But you won’t be guzzling juices down whenever you fancy, keep it to about five a day.

The purification process

As can be expected, much mental clarity follows as the toxins purge and surface. The initial stages of this purging may not sound too appealing and can range from fatigue to spots, headaches to the shakes and any ailments the individual is prone to. However don’t let this put you off!

There quickly follows a clearing, lifting, energising feeling from being empty and rid of pollutants.

It is easy to see why fasting is commonly used in numerous religious faiths around the world, but it also can’t be overlooked that with such a lack of nutritional substance, brain function slows after a while. After all the body is happy for the brain to take a back seat whilst it is busy clearing out debris.

It was interesting to see that one of the other visitors to Amanda’s detox retreat even went through through a number of thoughts and happenings from years before in his life. “Cells have memories” as Amanda reminded us. And while spring cleaning you come across all sorts.


If only I could be supervised through this once a month all my ‘naughtiness’ would be beautifully  balanced out. But with such regularity it would be difficult to keep a happy relationship with food. Since eating sits high on my favourite hobbies list I think I’d feel a loss in my life too. But now and again in the hands of an internationally renown expert like Amanda Hamilton in one of her first class venues, well………it’s just what the Doctor ordered!

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