Although a fan of fasting, the faster the fast is over the faster my happiness returns!

When it comes to not eating I generally struggle. In fact I’d say eating is a main interest of mine. I do embark on occasional 24 hours Fasts but by hour 25 it’s oh so easy to turn from Fast to Feast!

So as someone who absolutely appreciates fasting but doesn’t take to it easily, I was delighted to be invited on a detox retreat and keen to see how I’d fair without my everyday life and larder distracting me.

So off I set with my last supper on my lap, winding over hills and through valleys until arriving at Les Gets in the French Alps. Although a ski and summer activity resort to many this would be my base whilst I rested and went hungry.

We all need to relax!

Ferme de Moudon is a private chalet, a converted barn tucked away down a sleepy lane. Everything is luxurious about it; large, light, airy, beautifully designed and populated by very attentive house staff. Cow bells donged around us and the view was pretty with forest hills.

Because of the things I’ve done in fitness competition, Adventure Athletics, mountaineering and suchlike I’m generally associated with action and activity.

And I won’t deny that I love taking on the outdoors in all manner of ways and keeping myself in a state of enjoyable and beneficial perpetual motion.

But the fact is we all need constructive downtime.

Periods where we take it easy on ourselves. It can be tricky because it doesn’t feel very constructive, however it is imperative to re-energise and equip us for what lies ahead.

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I don’t mind admitting that I have recently been dredging the bottom of the well and have experienced genuine physical and mental energy depletion. So much work and so many projects (certainly not complaining though!) on top of the day to day tasks and commitments which are taxing enough in their own right!

The problem is that we generally know we can plough on, stumble along and bounce back eventually. But this really is not the most efficient way to operate and it doesn’t leave anything in reserve to tackle those unexpected moments and dramas…and there have been a few of those too!

So a quiet relaxing time in a new environment had come at the right time and was just what I needed. For once I’d have to look up at mountains and simply admire the view, something contrary to just about every fibre of my body which always wants to get to the top and look down!

Amanda Hamilton & Juicy Fast

My kind invitation came from someone The Times newspaper has described as ‘The Queen of Detox’ – Amanda Hamilton.

Not only is Amanda a successful nutritionist, TV presenter and author – she is also a fellow WatchFit Contributing Expert!

UK residents may well recognise her from presenting numerous prime time TV shows including: Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses, The Last Resort, How To Live Longer and Something For The Weekend.  She has also written several books and is without doubt one of the UK’s leading writers and presenters when it comes to nutrition. She also runs a series of retreats in fantastic venues including Champneys, Gleneagles and as far away as Phuket.

Just as your personal trainer should look fit and vibrant your detox guide needs to look fresh and glow with vitality.  Amanda certainly radiated all of that on top of which she exuded amiability, kindliness, experience and wonderful knowledge.

Her detox weeks are fasts but with juices. This ensures that nutrients are absorbed and makes it all the more achievable for most of us to keep standing and not keel over. Being a big juicing fan myself and used to putting copious amounts of vegetables through my twin turbo V8 super juicer, it was a nice change to have a chef prepare them for me and achieve a level of palatability that I perhaps never have!

In Part 2 tomorrow Joey reviews her experience and delves into the benefits of fasting.

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