Ever felt your sugar cravings are thwarting your good intentions to be healthy? Do you sometimes feel like there’s a sugar demanding gremlin inside you that you can’t quite control?

You’re not the only one!

This is one of the biggest problems many people face, especially when it comes to weight loss. The most common factor for craving sugar is quite simply consuming too much of it in the first place.


This is because it causes energy levels to drastically rise and fall. Because sugar is addictive it also causes behavioural changes that perpetuate the whole cycle.

In other words, you always seem to feel like you can never say no.

You’d be surprised to learn that all it really takes are a few simple but effective ‘tweaks’ for maximum benefit, so take note!

1. Start the day as you mean to go on

Never skip breakfast because it literally is the most important meal of the day. Going without food for any lengthy period causes blood sugar levels to crash.

As the brain is acutely sensitive to sudden changes in blood chemistry it will fight back by steering you towards the quickest fuel source – that means sugar to you and me.

2. Hydration is key

Sometimes the best advice is the most obvious, but we need reminding.

Lets start with plain simple water.

Drinking enough water will help to make you feel fuller, so always aim to drink a small glass of it (preferably filtered) before a meal, rather than afterwards, and work your way up to a litre or two of water a day.

If plain water simply isn’t your thing, remember, herbal tea and infused water counts as well.

3. Power up on protein and keep going for longer

Make sure you eat protein with every meal or snack. This is because protein helps you to feel more satiated and fuller for longer.

how to stop sugar cravings_3Great protein sources include beef, chicken, eggs, offal, oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines, or vegetarian proteins such as beans, legumes, nuts and seeds.

4. Don’t go fat-free

Fat free does not work for weight loss or for sugar cravings. You need small amounts of healthy fats in order to keep you satiated.

What’s more, if a food is not satiating enough then the research indicates you are more likely to grab the cookie jar than keep to your healthy resolve.

Good sources of healthy fats include avocado, oily fish, coconut butter and extra virgin olive oil. And, if you can afford it or want to treat yourself, avocado oil.

5. Sweet cinnamon

Sprinkle a little cinnamon onto your porridge.

Not only does it have a beautiful, sweet subtle taste and aroma, but it also helps to regulate and keep blood-glucose levels stable and is particularly great if you have diabetes.

6. Be Fibre-smart

The NHS reports that the UK average daily fibre intake is 18g instead of the 30g that is recommended for good health.

But fibre from all fruit, vegetables and grains such as oats provide the bulk without the calories, which has an appetite suppressing effect whilst also promoting weight loss.

Be fibre smart by including these in your soups, stews and smoothies, and make sure to include the vegetable skin where possible to ramp it up.

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