You CAN programme your body to burn calories more efficiently. And here’s how to speed up your metabolism:

It is not a simple case of calories in, calories out; it is a case of eating the foods that will keep your metabolism burning energy at the highest rate.

You all know the person who can eat all day and never put a pound on. Well he or she is simply firing up their metabolism in the most efficient way.


Nutritionist Haylie Pomroy is interesting on the subject of the hard working metabolism saying that by rotating certain foods, you will kick start your metabolism to work more industriously.

It is a similar idea to changing your workout regularly. If you do the same workout every time you exercise, in time your body will get so used to it and it is no longer challenging and the gains and benefits flatline.

It is the same with your metabolism. By changing the foods you give it, you will surprise it into burning faster.

Combine it with exercise and your metabolism will be shaken out of its lethargy. Pomroy has suggested that there are three phases to this idea:

Phase 1

Begin the programme with two days of ‘good’ carbohydrates (no wheat) and vegetables. This is a moderate-protein, low fat stage. Combine it with vigorous exercise such as running, aerobics or a cross trainer session.

Typical foods to eat: fresh vegetables; fruit; lean protein such as lean meat, chicken, fish or tuna; brown rice, brown pasta, spelt or buckwheat; and any beans or pulses.

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Phase 2

Speed Up Your Metabolism_2

For the next two days eat lean protein and vegetables. This is your muscle building stage, so the excess of protein helps to produce amino acids, which build and repair muscle. As you have had no fat in phase one, this stage will encourage the body to release fat from the hips, thighs and abdomen.

Exercise should be weights/resistance training or classes using weights

Typical foods to eat: Vegetables and salad greens; rhubarb, lime and lemon are the only fruits permitted; lean animal protein; NO grains or pulses.

Phase 3

For the last phase, you combine foods from phase 1 and 2 with healthy fats. Your body is now primed to receive some fat and when fat enters the system it will be used as fuel, not laid down as fatty deposits. This is the phase where your stomach flattens and your cellulite irons out.

At this stage combine cardio exercise with some yoga or a massage. This will increase blood flow to the fatty areas of your body.

Typical foods to eat: Vegetables and salad greens; any fruits; animal protein; vegetable protein such as beans and chickpeas; grains; healthy fats such as avocados, olives, coconuts, almonds, butters and seeds.

Repeat this for a 28-day cycle and you should find your metabolism is working at a much faster rate.

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