Wow, finally it’s the time of year, when you want to actually shed all your clothes, soak up some sun and get ready for some fun. Its summer time! And yes what better than a lovely vacation with your loved ones to break the monotony.

The only problem that’s arises is a bloated body which does not allow you to wear the skimpy clothes that you were dreaming of wearing on your holiday. Besides that bloating also makes you feel so heavy and unsexy just like you have swallowed a basket ball. It ruins your mood and the romance in your life as well. But there is nothing to be disheartened as you can easily reduce your bloating with some quick easy ways given below:

1, Drink plenty of water:

Most of the people think that drinking water can add to your bloating issue but actually it is the opposite. Dehydration can force your body to pull and save water instead of excreting it. Hence sipping on water constantly helps you feel lighter. You can add some lemon juice to it help you cleanse your system and improve digestion.

2, Chew on greens:

Try chewing on or drinking some juice of celery or parsley which aid in digestion, reduce gas and act as a diuretic which reduce fluid retention making you feel light and rids the body of toxins leaving your glowing and gleaming.

how to reduce bloating2

3, Get some potassium:

Include foods like banana, papaya, kiwi, oranges, spinach, mango, tomato etc in your diet to help you balance the water in your body. Potassium has a diuretic effect which flushes excess fluid in your body.

4, Probiotics work:

Probiotics are stomach saviours. Make sure you add yogurt to diet as it contains the good bacteria which improve stomach health, digestion, prevents gas and relieves bloating. It also helps to fight infections by improving immunity.

5, Concoctions:

Sip on some peppermint tea/ chamomile tea or fennel seeds boiled in water. These have a great impact on gas and bloating. They help to release all the toxins from the system keeping you light and easy to breathe.

6, Basil seeds:

Add a spoonful of basil seeds in a glass of water and keep sipping throughout the day. These seeds have a super calming effect on the stomach relieving you from bloating, acidity and body heat.

7, Ginger:

Chew a piece of ginger after your meals or just add a tbsp of ginger juice to yout water or juices and drink to feel the relief from gas and bloating.

A few lifestyle changes can also help you keep the bloat away.

how to reduce bloating5

– Eat small meals when hungry instead of stuffing a lot at a time.
– Chew your food well instead of gulping it down.
– Do not lie down right after eating food.
– Avoid chewing gum, drinking with a straw and talking while eating as these cause excess air swallowing which can cause bloating.
– Avoid the intake of carbonated beverages and alcohol completely to feel light and reduce all the bloating.
– Restrain from adding excess salt to your food as it causes water retention and puffiness. Also limit the intake of processed foods like biscuits, packaged food, frozen meats etc as they are loaded with sodium.
– Try to get good sleep as it helps to recover from the stress and normalizes hormones helping you to feel fresh and relaxed.
– Make sure you get your 30 minutes of activity daily as it improves blood circulation, releases excess water from the body and also helps to release the gas and bloat..

Embrace a beautiful and charming you.

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