This is the time of year where our commitment can be challenged and it’s quite easy to stray off course! All the parties have been surrounded by calorie-laden drinks, cakes, pastries and everything in between, making even the most hardened and steadfast people falter. 

Now we are well into January, the early resolutions maybe weakening already as we’re back at work, life is hectic and money may feel a bit tighter this month ad it is likely to be cold and wet. It all adds up to get in the way of our exercise schedule and pull us in many directions.


This past month contributes to the pounds and holiday weight gain drives all the New Year’s resolutions that occur at this time.  Resolutions to lose weight, improve their fitness, start their way to a “summer body”, etc.

To make matters worse, we have all the well-intentioned, but ill-informed mainstream magazines that give their “tips”, (I use that word loosely) on ways to avoid the holiday pounds

Let’s take a look at some of these so called “tips”:

  • Perform morning cardio to burn more fat
  • Eat light earlier in the day so you can “save your calories” for the evening holiday party fare.
  • Don’t eat after 6pm or you’ll store fat
  • Snack on vegetable or fruit before heading to the party to avoid overeating.
  • If you eat too much, just perform an extra cardio session to make up for what you ate.



Do you think this recommendations (i.e tips) are flawed? Absolutely!

They are not grounded in research.  Science doesn’t support the efficacy of these strategies in the avoidance of weight or fat gain.

Metabolic precision teaches the steps that will give you a pristine body and health. 

Here are some tips grounded in science on how to prevent holiday weight gain:

  • Eat metabolically precise meals every few hours to maintain stable blood sugar and avoid energy crashes and subsequent food binges.
  • Don’t skip meals or eat light at one meal.  This will trigger food cravings and cause over eating later on.
  • Keep protein in your meals.  Eating meals without protein will leave you feeling less satiated and more likely to graze on things you might have avoided.  Also, no protein will increase likelihood that you will not recover from your training.  This may sacrifice muscle tissue, which can lead to a slower and less than optimal functioning metabolism.
  • “Making up for” or “making room for” food by performing additional or longer exercise sessions is a poorly designed plan.
  • Exercise is never a trade off for food or vice versa.  Performing more exercise will not simply erase the calories you ingested.  It doesn’t work this way.  Of course; eating does result in taking in calories, and exercise does result in your expending them, it doesn’t mean that this is an equal trade.  We know from research that not only are all calories different, eating and exercise creates different and very unique hormonal environments within your body.
  • Performing too much, or excessive exercise can cause weight gain and increased body fat; so too can eating too little and consuming meals low in protein.  This is not the outcome we want!

Here are some tips to help you avoid the holiday weight gain:

  • The steps to success don’t change just because the holidays are here.
  • Increase your meal frequency.  Metabolic Precision teaches you how to construct your meals to ensure they are metabolically precise and geared toward fat burning and muscle recovery.
  • When in doubt, replace or add more vegetables and plant food to the meal.
  • Perform the right type and amount of exercise keeping the MP 10 point system in mind.
  • Be sure to plan ahead.  30 minutes is all you need, so be sure to plan around a hectic day that you foresee.
  • Take full advantage of your metabolic window and post exercise nutrition (i.e. nutrient timing).  This is all part of the metabolic precision online course.
  • Plan for your treats, and sometimes it’s a good idea to plan them within your metabolic window – it can help your progress.

Remember – don’t resort to some kind of magical, mythical combination of spells and half-truths to avoid falling in the holiday weight gain trap. 

Stick to the tested and verified science; the stuff that works all year round.

This and much, much more is part of the Metabolic Precision online course.  You receive a customized program and personalized coaching throughout.

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