It is said that we all have a story. I just hope my personal fitness journey story will provide some inspiration to others.

My whole life I have been an active person and involved in sports, physical activity and plenty of social events. This was the lifestyle I was accustomed to, I was pretty good at it and I loved it, but then everything changed…

I was about to enter graduate school for exercise physiology and had to have a tuberculosis tine test. You know, the one where they prick your arm and watch for a red bump. Well I got the red bump!


Thankfully it tuned out that I didn’t have tuberculosis, as I had never been sick and chest x-rays showed nothing, but there was a chance that I had been exposed to it. And as a result of that merest possibility, the protocol was heavy antibiotics for nine months solid.

During my time at grad school I was gradually becoming sick more and more often

I was getting frequent sinus infections and having other strange symptoms including digestion troubles, bloating, sugar cravings and brain fog.

I researched and I researched and then I went to chiropractic school to learn about ‘alternative’ medical treatments. I took seminars where I learned what is called ‘functional medicine’ that uses bloodwork to look for physiological patterns – things that general medicine misses.

After school I worked for some time treating patients as a chiropractor, then I made the decision to set off to Asia and travel indefinitely. I left everything behind (except my boyfriend!) and took off on a big adventure.

But this was the time when my health conditions and and fitness problems reached a pinnacle. I was fatigued.

I couldn’t get myself out of bed in the morning. I started drinking coffee. I had bags under my eyes. I started losing hair. I struggled to build the energy or enthusiasm to exercise. I was gaining weight. And I just did not know what was wrong with me…

 How to overcome Adrenal Fatigue_2

The not knowing was perhaps the worst thing. It just did not make sense having been reduced from somebody so active and energetic to barely functioning.

I decided it was time to treat myself as a patient. In recent years I had amassed on the knowledge and understanding I could but was yet to benefit from any of it directly myself. Now was the perfect time to put it into action! I got myself bloodwork, I analyzed it and now I knew what was going on inside me.

My adrenal glands were fatigued

With this new knowledge I made the necessary changes to what I was eating and drinking, my way of exercising and in the support I was giving myself by way of supplements. I nourished myself.

Since I have been through this journey already and came out the other side with way more energy, vigor, stamina and all round health, I have realised there are so many of you with the same problem. That is why I feel it is my duty to share my story with you so that any f you similarly afflicted can get passed these hurdles and enjoy a fuller and fitter life.

You can follow me from feeling fatigued to feeling fabulous in fitness!

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