Make your own smoothie for snack time

It is easier than you think. It takes just four ingredients and a hand-held blender. Start with frozen fruit. Instead of spending money on frozen fruit, cut up your own or wash fresh strawberries and place in the freezer. In a bowl, add frozen strawberries, a banana, one cup of milk and cup of yogurt, mix with a hand blender for a tasty, healthy snack.

Banana smoothie


Make your own popsicles

Start with a Dixie cup. Put a small handful of blueberries and cover them with yogurt. Put in a Popsicle stick. Put it in the freezer overnight. The next day, turn it upside down and make a cut in the cup. Peel off the cup and ah ha, you have a frozen yogurt blueberry Popsicle, handmade. Heat the fruit. Here is an idea to get your children to eat fruit in different ways. Make healthy compote, instead of pudding. Compote is sweet and healthy and your child won’t miss the chocolate. In a small pot, bring together apricots, prunes, some water to cover them and 2 cinnamon sticks. Simmer for ½ hour. When done, remove the cinnamon sticks and mash lightly. Put some in a cup and top with low-fat whipped cream.

Make your own convenience snacks

Instead of putting a packaged food in your lunchbox, make your own healthier package. Take a baggie. Put out on your table, some healthy cold cereals, raisins, craisins and cut prunes or apricots. Have your child fill their own baggie and call it homemade trail mix.

How to make your own healthy snacks

Have you try a new vegetable with the old trick of dipping

People like to dip, so have a few low-fat salad dressings in a cup. Cut off green and red peppers into strips and ask them to dip it in and try.

Buy a hand blender

This will help you whip up bean dips in no time. Try this one, to a can of chickpeas, add some lime juice, garlic powder and drop of oil, puree and eat with raw vegetables.

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