This is a detailed explanation answering the question how to lower body fat without losing muscle. It will include the most common causes for muscle loss when trying to lose fat, how to avoid them, and exactly what to do to lower body fat without losing muscle in terms of eating and exercise. This is more scientific-driven, and more specific rather than generalized statements people have already read about.

In order to continue you must understand a few things:

1. Lower intensity cardio “burns” a higher percentage of fat. True, but that’s just the percentage not the total.


2. Your body can only utilize fat as an energy source with the aid of glycogen, AKA the deadly carbohydrate. Scary I know. Carbs are actually good. The key is timing.

Let’s break those two fat burning facts down a bit

If you jog at a low intensity, you are using a higher percentage of FAT to fuel your activity. When you do sprint intervals, you use less percentage of fat, but A LOT more calories are used. When you break down the numbers of the total amount of FAT-calories burned, it is much greater with sprint intervals. I wish it were that easy. You can’t do sprint intervals everyday, your central nervous system will burn out and you will over-train.

how to lower body fat without losing muscle but do cardio

The TAKE HOME is do sprint intervals, and in-between your sprint intervals days do low intensity cardio to recover and still do some fat destroying work.

Fat burns in a carbohydrate flame. Let’s make a fire. Gather up some carbohydrate twigs and sticks to start the fire. Once it gets going, we can add on some big FAT logs. The only tricky thing about this fire is you must continue to gather and feed the fire with carbohydrate sticks or else it will start using nearby MUSCLE trees. The fire will literally suck in the MUSCLE trees and use that to burn. In fact, the fumes from these MUSCLE trees have a very distinct smell of ammonia. Ammonia is a byproduct of protein, the makeup of muscle, being used for fuel. It will seep out through your sweat. Have you ever been nearby someone at the gym who smells like ammonia? Now you know that they were eating themselves alive!

The TAKE HOME is you must ingest carbohydrates before exercise to fuel your fire. If you are going to be exercising longer than an hour, you must continue to ingest carbohydrates to keep your flame going to burn the FAT logs for clean energy.

Keep it simple folks.

Go destroy some FAT!

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