You want to eat healthier but you don’t know how to resist temptation.

You find it difficult to break the food habits that are causing you to gain weight for many different reasons.

Eating out with friends, socializing, cooking for your family and every day scenarios pose difficult obstacles that you have to overcome in order to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Managing temptation

Temptation is difficult but it is definitely manageable. The concept of intuitive eating allows you to ignore the pull of temptation and listen to your body’s natural cues.

Use the mental, practical and physical strategies below to help you defy temptation.

Mental strategies

– Intuitive eating

It is all about forgetting the mental games elicited by diets. Diets tell you to “eat this, not that”.  Diets create an image in your mind of which foods are “good” and which foods are “bad”.

When you view foods as “bad” and give in, then you will likely overeat.

– What is more important than labelling food, is viewing all food as neutral

When you view foods as neutral, you’re acknowledging that all foods provide energy and nutrients to your body in order for it to function. You will then see the temptation begin to dissipate.

– Understand that some foods will provide more nutrients and proper energy than others

These are the types of foods that you want to incorporate more of into your daily life.

healthy food choices_6By eating more wholesome, nutrient-dense foods, you are honoring your body and thanking it for all that it has done for you thus far.

– When it comes to temptation, sometimes it’s better to think out of sight, out of mind

Put away all foods that are left on your countertops, especially foods that are calorie-dense and nutrient-poor. Store these foods in the back of your pantry or fridge where you won’t be likely see them every day.

– Organize your kitchen

Make sure that foods like fruits and vegetables are readily available on the go. The more visual exposure you have of healthier food options, the more likely you are to eat them.

– Purchase nutrient-dense snacks

Keep them in small containers to grab on your way out of the house as you head to work. Being prepared is how you will ultimately set yourself up for success when it comes to temptation.

Physical strategies

-Begin to tune into how you physically feel after eating less healthy options. Perhaps you are bloated, gassy or experience acid reflux.

healthy food choices_5Put these feelings in your memory and try to remember them the next time you consider eating those food versus healthier options.

-When offered a “tempting” food say “I don’t” instead of “I can’t”. “I don’t” identifies that you are making an empowering choice about your health initiatives. “

“I can’t” isn’t a choice, it’s a restriction.

Temptation is tricky. However, if you change the way you view food, you will banish the concept of temptation. I hope you take with you the viewpoint that all foods are equal and thus, there is no food that should be cherished more than another.

Find foods that make your body and mind feel good. You will find peace of mind and energy in the long run.

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