Are happiness and weight loss related? If so, how and why?

If we are happy everything seems to come more easily and the tough things in life are more comfortably dealt with. We are able to plough on through tougher times and ‘make hay’ when things are good.

The same would seem to apply to our fitness. You might get to a tough milestone and it feels like you have run a marathon but you’re not exhausted, in fact you keep on pushing because of how great you feel!

There is less weight on the joints, the lower extremities are much happier. You have more energy because you have shed weight and the weight you are carrying is more efficient.

So weight loss occurs by creating a calorie deficit. Consume fewer calories than what is being expended and weight loss will occur. However if you consume high amounts of the right calories, the appropriate nutrients and maintain an adequate level of hydration along with a structured training regime, you will get there!

We set a goal we achieve it!

We feel great because accomplishing tasks can be very difficult. For some it can be like pushing sand up a hill to get the weight to shift. Set yourself a manageable targets and this will keep you on track! However, achieving the goal isn’t the real reason some people become motivated to lose the weight. They want the body of a Greek god!

When you look in the mirror and you see a reflection that you can be proud of you feel a sense of achievement. By this point people such as family and friends are noticing, and this goes towards adding to your confidence which is correlated with an enhanced state of mind.

What I say to my clients is “the way I do my personal training you will lose inches, not weight.” As I believe this to be the best marker because sometimes people realise their weight may be stagnating but they are getting fitter which usually indicates a reduction in waistline.


So you have a cheat day? Naughty!

Well no not really! You deviate from a diet for one day, one bad day shouldn’t deter you from your ultimate goal. What I would suggest if you do cheat is get back on with the clean eating.

How best to go about it?

In my opinion (others may have different philosophies) I would strongly advocate the standard compound lifts. Deadlifts are a personal favourite of mine, they target almost every muscle in the body creating a huge calorific expenditure.

Squats are another favourite of mine. Great for toning the bum.

I had a client who smoked cigarettes, vegan and struggled to eat more than two meals a day. However she routinely every month she lost weight. Her training consisted of pure compound lifts. Her back was in the best state it had been in for a long time.

A second tool you can utilise is Lactic Acid. Contrary to popular belief it isn’t lactic acid that causes the burn, it’s the by-product, hydrogen. However that is another topic. When the body produces lactic acid it has to be processed by the kidneys. This itself creates a massive calorific expenditure. Secondly, the body produces a hormone called Human Growth Hormone (HGH) as a way of repairing. This is highly efficient for producing muscle growth (anabolic) and burning through fat.

I have successfully used the Lactic Acid training method for a client to lose an incredible amount of weight down from a size 14 to a size 10. On top of that she wants to prepare herself for Tough Mudder, a huge obstacle course. Training started off with endurance circuits and built her up to strength training to induce a higher calorific expenditure at rest and a toning effect.

Train hard, eat clean and be happy, because happiness and weight loss work well together! Results will come I promise!

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