Fruit is an important part of any healthy diet. The interesting bit is that each zodiac sign is connected to a specific fruit that can enhance a person’s health and life.  If you find yourself craving a certain fruit, then most likely it is your body’s way of telling you what it needs for overall good health, energy and strength.  However, find your zodiac sign in the list below and see if the fruit you crave reveals your primary points of strength and power.

From a nutrition standpoint, limit your fruit intake to no more than 2 servings per day.  Choose organic fruits whenever possible, especially when it comes to berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.  Eat them with a protein source such as nuts, nut butters or Greek yogurt.

Aries:  Lemons and pears help keep an Aries mind calm and relaxed.  Lemon refreshes the body, while pears improve memory and sharpness in the brain.  Citric acid found in lemon encourages mental and emotional satisfaction, while pears calm fury and resentment.


Taurus:  A lover of good food and wine, Taurus people do well with chewing something throughout the day, especially while cooking.  Even though bananas get a bad rap sometimes, because of their sugar content, they really help improve liver health and digestion.

Gemini:  The twin sign is known for their sense of humor and mango helps bring that natural energy forward, making them feel happy and successful.

Mango fruits on a wooden table.

Cancer: The sign of luck and health can be found in pineapple and it works wonders in Cancer.  It helps make them feel self-reliant, organized, quick thinkers, witty and spontaneous.

Leo:  Orange is the color of the sacral chakra, but it is also the fruit that helps Leos remain calm, patient and hard workers.  The fruit can bring out the artistic side of Leo, making it the perfect fruit that comes in its own container.

Virgo:  More and more people are learning about the benefits of using coconut oil and coconut is the perfect fruit for Virgo.  It helps them remain practical, witty, rejuvenated and determined.

Libra:  Cherries are full of power antioxidants and act as an anti-inflammatory. They are the perfect fruit for Libras, enhancing their creativity, loyalty and lets imagination run free.  Cherries also build communication skills and contribute to inner happiness.

Scorpio:  Keeping a bowl of black grapes add an aesthetic sense to Scorpio with a zest for life.  Black grapes also help keep Scorpio calm when feeling irritated or annoyed.

If Fruits Had Zodiac Signs, What Would They Be?

Sagittarius: Strawberries are shaped like a heart and perfect for Sagittarians.  This juicy red fruit enhances their love life and can be enjoyed any time of day.

Capricorn: An apple a day really does keep the doctor away for Capricorns.  They are full of fiber, good for the heart and promote good will and bravery.  Enjoy an apple with almond butter for the perfect snack.

Aquarius: Aquarius needs to clean its system and help keep the brain healthy with the papaya fruit.  It also promotes their sweet nature and keeps their good sense of humor.

Pisces: The fish sign doesn’t need to wait until the fourth of July to enjoy watermelon.  The fruit nourishes Pisces’ hydration needs, in spite of the seeds.  Watermelon is a great way to celebrate this sign no matter what time of year.

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