The abundance of food in the developed world often leads to overconsumption.

The stimuli that the consumer receives from beautiful packaging, promotions, advertisements, family packages which are cheaper, attractive organoleptic characteristics (color, shape, size) are many others usually lead with mathematical precision in consumerism.

To avoid the overconsumption, we must organize our shopping. It is difficult to follow a healthy diet without organizing  our fridge!


Vegetables and fruits are important to provide the basic daily food selection by the consumer. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and usually have very few calories compared to other food categories. There are few exceptions, such as the potato.

winter grocery

Eating them helps to saturate the body, preventing the consumption of foods with high caloric density as well as improves bowel function, leading to rare occurrences of constipation.

So, before you start shopping, it is important to look in the refrigerator shelves and cupboards – what vegetables are left and then make a proper plan for the quantity to be purchased.

Next, write down a shopping list with the quantity of vegetables that is necessary, until the next time you go to the supermarket. So, with the updated list as your guide,  when you walk the aisles of the store.


Winter weight loss diet grocery list


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