The most popular New Year’s resolution is to eat healthy and lose weight. We are always looking for the secret food or vitamin that will shed unwanted pounds. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill, food or diet.

A successful weight loss plan incorporates exercise and making healthy food choices. If you set realistic goals, avoid missed meals and eat healthy foods, you will feel motivated and energised.

My top 10 list of best foods for weight loss:

1. Low fat Greek yogurt – Numerous studies have shown the active bacteria in yogurt keeps your intestinal tract healthy. Greek yogurt can boost protein to as much as 14 grams per serving. Protein staves off the urge for that jelly donut, and that’s why it comes at no surprise that Greek yogurt has become the most popular diet food for weight loss.

greek yogurt - the most popular diet food for weight loss

2. Nuts – Almonds, walnuts and Brazil nuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Research has shown that omega-3 can lower the risk of heart disease. Eat one serving a day (one handful) of this highly nutritious and tasty health food.

Mixed nuts promoting weight loss

3. Vegetables – The goal is to eat 2.5 cups daily or one half of your lunch plate and one half of your dinner plate. These are the lowest calorie foods that provide fiber and a wide variety of vitamins. Start with a bag of salad greens and add veggies to meet your goal.

raw peppers, tomatoes, brocolli, carrots - best foods for weight loss

4. Fruit – The goal is 2 cups daily as part of your diet plan. Almost everyone loves strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, but they can add to the cost of your weekly grocery bill. Why not try some fruits that are available in winter, like clementines (a variety of mandarin orange), grapefruit or pomegranates? These fruits can be added to cereals and salads to spice up winter meals and aid your weight loss efforts.

mixed fruits to add to your weight loss plan

5. Water – Stay hydrated by making this zero calorie beverage your go-to drink.

drinking-water-poured-glass- promoting weight loss

6. Whole Grains – For those who do not have gluten sensitivity, whole grain bread, pasta and oatmeal can provide a boost in B-vitamins and fiber, which will keep you feeling fuller, longer. Whole grain white bread and high-fiber pasta are new great products to check out and add to your healthy meal plan.

whole grains

7. Salmon – This fish has the highest amount of omega-3 in all the sea, is low in calories and high in protein. If fresh salmon is unavailable, canned salmon or tuna can provide a similar benefit at a reduced cost.

raw salmon

8. Eggs – Eggs have been getting a bad rap. American Heart Association guidelines allow up to 6 eggs per week. They are a complete protein, which makes them one of the best weight loss foods, as they can fill in for lunch or dinner as well as breakfast.

eggs full of complete protein

9. Beans, Peas, Lentils – These are high in protein and fiber. Keep cans on hand to add to soup, salad and chili. They are economical and shelf stable, for the times when you can’t get to the supermarket.

beans and lentils

10. ????

Opps, we seem to be missing the last one from our list of healthiest foods for weight loss. Why not tell us which food YOU would pick for number 10?

Give us your comments and share your opinions!


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