Feeling fuller for longer is easy to achieve with salads. Combining the fibre in vegetables and protein together will keep you feeling full and satisfied.

5 salad combinations to keep you full for longer

(1) Chicken, Sun dried tomatoes and pine nut salad


– spinach leaves
– skinned cooked chicken meat
– 2 tbs pine nuts
– 4 sun dried tomatoes, chopped
– diced cucumber
– balsamic vinegar and olive oil to dress
– salt and pepper to season

You can replace the sun dried tomatoes with roasted peppers and you could add other vegetables you have in the fridge. You can also add some wholegrain rice if you find salads aren’t filling enough. The pine nuts and chicken provide the protein in this salad.

(2) Lamb beetroot and feta salad


– Rocket leaves
– 150g cooked beetroot
– spring onions thinly sliced
– 75g feta cheese
– 25g nuts of your choice
– 75g cooked lamb
– mint and yoghurt dressing- Greek yoghurt, mint, garlic-blitz in a blender

Slice the beetroot, mix in the spring onions and the feta. Toast the nuts and add these in with the dressing (optional). The lamb and nuts provide the protein.

 (3) Summer Salad


– Lettuce leaves
– Cucumber
– cherry tomatoes
– pineapple chunks
– papaya
– soft boiled egg- sliced

Combine these vegetables, protein and fruit for a surprisingly delicious salad. Its lovely and refreshing on a warm summers day. The soft boiled egg provides the protein.

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 (4) Pesto and pine nut pasta salad


– Watercress leaves
– peppers
– tomatoes
– pine nuts
– Wholegrain pasta
– Pesto

This salad may be more filling as it contains pasta. If you would like to cook the peppers and tomatoes and have this salad warm, be sure to add the pine nuts and the watercress after you have finished cooking. The pine nuts provide the protein.

 (5) Greek Salad


– Spinach leaves
– tomato
– cucumber
– olives
– feta
– Olive oil dressing

salad combinations 02

The feta provides the protein in this salad and the dressing is full of essential fatty acids.

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Salads don’t need to be boring or predictable. They can contain any combination of vegetables, fruit, protein and fats. The same salad everyday can get repetitive so mix things up. As long as you stick to the rule of always adding a protein source you will be kept fuller for longer.

Try my suggestions and comment with salads you have invented!

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