When we work out, we mostly forget one simple factor that can boost our results up to 30% within one workout… and that is your pre workout shake.

Taken 30min before you begin, the pre workout shake is responsible for two simple factors… giving you energy and increasing protein synthesis (utilisation and absorbtion of protein in the working muscle). The energy boost will assist you in burning more fat or lifting with more intensity. The protein will aid in muscle recovery, minimize soreness and assist in improving strength.

The pre workout shake gives most of its benefits before weight training. Remember weights burn up to 150% more calories than cardio as a result of boosting post workout metabolism in men and women. Weights DO NOT bulk you up as many women think. Therefore, the focus on boosting your fat loss progress for woman is focusing on your weight training and not your cardio.


In men, the elevated levels of testosterone (found to be much lower in women) increases protein synthesis (absorption), which is the key element in creating an anabolic state to build new lean muscle. Therefore, both for men and women, your pre-workout shake is a massive key for your success.

DID YOU KNOW… you absorb up to 150% more protein having your shake pre-workout than post workout? Think about it. Why exercise, deliver your blood to your muscle (with no protein) and then add the protein after? The protein has missed the bus! What you should be doing is putting the protein in your blood first, and then use your training as a delivery system to put the blood (now filled with protein) to the working muscle, where is can be used. It’s simple and more efficient.

Here are three tasty and amazing shakes both beneficial for women looking to lose fat and men looking to add some lean mass

pre workout shake ideas

Chocolate Coffee

– 300ml Chocolate Almond Milk (DO NOT EVER USE DAIRY) available from Woolworths
– 200ml Water
– 3 ice cubes
– 1-2 scoops chocolate Whey Protein Isolate (Isolates are lactose free)
– 1 Table spoon basic grounded coffee

Blend with small hand held blender for 20sec

Vanilla Apple

– 300ml Plain Almond Milk or Coconut Milk
– 1 whole pealed apple
– 1-2 scoops vanilla Whey Protein Isolate

Blend with small hand held blender for 20sec

Vege Boost

– 500ml water
– 2 scoops of vanilla Whey Protein Isolate
– 1 table spoon of greens powder. I suggest Vital Greens

Blend with small hand held blender for 20 sec

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