Your stomach is rumbling, lunchtime is hours away but to protect our waistline, we tend to neglect those mid meal snack calls, thought to be our main culprit for weight gain.

I’m sure many of us can relate to the fact that we’ve given up snacking and yet we don’t seem to be going down on the scale. Instead, most of us are starving when it hits lunchtime, leading to larger portion sizes.

Well, ignoring the hunger cues and restricting the amount of food you eat is NOT the solution to a great two-piece body.  Did you know that if you do not provide your body with enough food, it could lead to symptoms such as lethargy, tiredness or migraines or even binge eating later on. It is also theorized that individuals who tend to nibble throughout the day are less likely to have an increased fat deposition.


On the other hand, research suggests that individuals that have 6 smaller meals as compared to 3 large meals are more likely to have a stable blood glucose level (BGL) throughout the day and therefore better overall control over their appetite. Similarly stable BGL also delays the gastric emptying of following meals and plays a role on gut-derived hormones that are associated with feelings of satiety and appetite.

While snacking is recommended to maintain a stable blood glucose level, it is important to make some good choices. Foods such chips, cookies or chocolate are far from being the best food choices if you want a two-piece body this summer.

Below is a list of 10 quick and healthy snacks that will help you achieve your health goals

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– Greek Yoghurt

Not only do these yoghurts taste amazing, but relative to other yoghurts, they also have a higher protein content, which means will get you full for longer!

low calorie snacks

– A piece of fruit or approximately 15 grapes/raspberries

Fruits are full of fibres that will keep you full.

– A handful of mixed nuts are the perfect snack to nibble on

Avoid coated nuts and salted nuts.

– Approximately 2 Rice/Corn cakes with some light cottage cheese and a slice of tomato are perfect for those at working from home or in an office environment.  You can add some additional lean meat to it.

– Carrot sticks/Celery sticks and hummus or any other low fat dip – crunchy and tasty!

Otherwise try celery and approximately 1-2 tsp peanut butter for some good fat in your diet.

– 2-3 wholemeal crusckits / wholemeal crackers with some tzatziki or slight spread of peanut butter

– Pop-corn!

Just be mindful that coated honey/caramel popcorn could otherwise provide you with many more calories .  Otherwise you can bake some beetroot chips for a crunchy little snack.

– 1 small low fat cheese portion: Approximately 30g

– Coffee, who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee?

Just be mindful of the cup size and choose skim milk with no cream on top

– Have a bit of a sweet tooth? Why not try frozen bananas dipped in some chocolate.

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