Smoothies are a great way to start the day

Fill in a hunger gap or grab a meal on the run. But one thing is clear – you want to enjoy filling smoothies that not only taste great, but keep you satisfied until the next meal!

Let’s face it – that plain old veggie or fruit juice isn’t so satisfying, because it simply doesn’t tick all those boxes.


So let’s look at the traits of the most enjoyable and filling smoothies:

–  They’re tasty and smooth

–  Nutrient-dense

–  Contain lean protein

–  Are fibre-rich

–  Contain healthy fats

Tasty and smooth

Okay, this isn’t so much about being filling, as being actually palatable. If you like the taste and texture, it will go down a treat!


Low nutrient foods aren’t satisfying and leave you hunting for more. But a filling smoothing is nutrient dense – full of satisfying macronutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Studies show that adequate vitamin and mineral intake can help your body manufacture the peptides and neurotransmitters that create appetite control.

Good news – load up with healthy ingredients!

Contain lean protein

Lean proteins are a key part of making food filling.

They cause satiety, slowing down your blood sugar response to carbohydrates. So this is an important ingredient to guarantee your satisfaction!


Fibre is another one of those things that makes a smoothie feel satisfying – and, adequate intake is linked with lower body weight.

Like protein, fibre is an important element in reducing post-smoothie hunger. Fibre is also the fuel for gut flora – probiotics – so is an important part of gut health and weight loss.

A healthy gut flora balance equals lower body weight. Research shows you need the right type of fibre in a meal, in order to feel satisfied.

filling smoothies_5Healthy fats

Healthy fats round out the satisfaction quintet. Although not as satisfying as protein, healthy fats are slow to break down, leaving you feeling satisfied for longer.

A little bit is all it takes!

Four deliciously filling smoothie combos

Now you’re probably wondering, great – so how do I make my own filling smoothies?

Here are my top 4 most delicious and filling smoothie combos that you can make at home. Try them and let me know how you like them!

Smoothie no. 1 – The Lean, Green Muscle Refueler

The perfect post-workout blend of protein, carbs and fat to refuel muscles.

Best consumed within 30 minutes of finishing your workout – studies show this is the optimal period to refuel for your next workout.

Blend ice with:

–  1 serving of chocolate whey or soy protein isolate powder – we recommend Usana’s Nutrimeal

– 350ml icy cold water

–  1 large handful baby spinach

– ¼ avocado

– 1 tsp ground flaxseed

filling smoothies_3Smoothie no. 2 – The Berry Green Gut Smoothie

The perfect nutrient-dense smoothie that supports digestion, gut health and liver function.

Blend ice with:

–  1 serving of vanilla whey or soy protein isolate powder – we recommend Usana’s Nutrimeal

– 1 cup blueberries or mixed berries

–  1 scoop Greens powder – we recommend Vital Greens

–  1 sachet probiotic powder – we recommend Usana’s Probiotic

–  ¾ cup water

Smoothie no. 3 – The Raspberry Macarina

The perfect vegetarian-friendly smoothie – courtesy of the Rivermouth Cafe – that makes a wonderful breakfast treat.

Raspberries contain rheosmin, which may increase fat metabolism, and reduce obesity risk and fatty liver.

Blend all ingredients except the almond milk – add almond milk at the end and then blend again!

–  ½ cup frozen raspberries

–  1 tsp flaked coconut

–  1 banana

–  1 tsp chia seeds

–  1 tsp LSA

–  1 tsp Maca powder

– 250ml almond milk

–  1 pinch cinnamon

filling smoothies_4Smoothie no. 4 – The Tropical Energy Blast

This nutrient- and fibre-rich smoothie is a great pick-me-up.

Blend the flax seeds and cacao. Add the kale leaves and blend again. Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.

–  1 tbsp ground flax seeds

–  1 tbsp raw cacao powder

– ½ cup plain Greek yoghurt

– ¾ cup almond milk

–  3 kale leaves, stalks removed, chopped

–  ½ fresh mango

–  1 pinch stevia (to taste, if required)

It’s as simple as blend and go. These 4 most filling smoothie combos are a fantastic addition to your busy week – they are very satisfying, plus, they offer good nutrition for people on the go!

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