Causes for Hair Loss

The average person looses between 70 and 100 hairs a day, and as we get older our hair may become thinner and or finer. But our western fast pace lifestyles and diet may also be a major factor to the increase in both men and women from all cultures, backgrounds and ages seeing an increase in hair loss.


There are various natural causes for hair loss, such as hereditary, hormonal changes or imbalances, illnesses, adrenal exhaustion, underactive thyroid as well as the use of medications.


However, “Stress” is probably the most likely culprit, as it tightens the scalp, reducing circulation thus preventing oxygen and nutrients’ reaching the hair follicles, which intern become malnourished resulting in further hair loss.

If an unbalanced diet and lifestyle continues and the stress levels climb, then the result is our bodies need more nutrients to cope with these demanding circumstances. Therefore if we don’t support these requirements our bodies will take the nutrient from less important areas, such as the scalp.

Foods That May Hinder Healthy Hair,

the production of protein Keratin that hair is made of and the root strength of the follicles; may be an over consumption of red meats (containing large amounts of toxins and hormones) or large quantities of cheese and other dairy in the diet without a balance of vegetables, as this can be very acid forming in the body.

Caffeine increases stress on the body systems weakening the adrenal glands.

Refine sugars and carbohydrates along with sodium based salt will deplete the nutrients needed for hair growth.

So what can you eat? We are all individuals so our body’s needs, the results from change and outcome experienced are all very different.

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Never the less, here are the best foods for hair loss;

Quality proteins,

eat organic in moderation if you choose meats, poultry, eggs (white are the best for hair loss) or fish.

Using healthy organic hemp

power in your morning smoothie is a great addition to our diet.

Other vegetarian based proteins

found in seeds, nuts especially walnuts, vegetables, wholegrains (brown rice, legumes, peas, lentils or quinoa).

Best foods for hair loss_02

More iron rich foods

such as leafy green vegetables (spinach, curly kale and watercress).


such as Kombu and Wakeame added to your meal are full of nutrients that healthy hair needs. It’s always recommended that you have a professional check you iron levels before proceeding with additional iron in the diet.

Essential fats

that our hair needs are found in walnuts, pumpkins seeds, sunflower or linseeds.

Muesli and oats contain vitamin-B

much needed by the hair. Making sure you have the full spectrum of B vitamins may also help reduce the grey hairs too.

Еat an avocado

a week to gain a really good shine on your hair.

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Healthy eating

Wheat grass juice

is said to help too, this can be added to that packed nutria smoothie you enjoy in the mornings.

Detoxing heavy metals

from your body may help the recovery from hair loss, as the accumulation of modern toxins builds in your body’s systems so the blood is unable to carry the much needed oxygen to the roots of our hair.

Other help hints,

take regular moderate exercise stimulating circulation and oxygen to the extremities as well as lowering stress levels. Taking up yoga not only will help those climbing stress levels, but you can learn how to do a head stand, said to help increase the flow of blood to the head. If you are worried consult a medical professional or trichologists.

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