You have often heard that hummus is a great snack if you are trying to lose weight, but what is hummus and why is it so good?

Hummus is a dip or spread which originated from the Middle East. It is traditionally made up of cooked and mashed chick peas, sesame seed paste (tahini), lemon juice garlic and olive oil. It is a versatile vegan source of protein.

Here is a typical hummus recipe:


– 400g can chickpeas

– 50mL lemon juice

– 50mL olive oil

– 1 big garlic clove, crushed

– 2 tbsp tahini


1. Wash the chickpeas and put them in a blender.

2. Add the lemon juice; keep the blender going until it looks creamy.

3. Add the olive oil.

4. Blend until mixture is smooth.

5. Add the crushed garlic and tahini, blend again.

6. Serve with chopped up vegetable sticks


What are the nutritional benefits of hummus and how does this promote weight loss?

1. High in protein, which promotes satiety and stable blood sugar levels: its main ingredient is chickpeas, which is a high vegetarian source of protein at 19g per 100g. It also contains tahini (sesame seed paste) which has 18g protein per 100g

2. High in fibre which promotes bowel movement, elimination of toxins  & satiety: chickpeas are high in both soluble and insoluble fibre allowing them to bulk the stool as well as push it through large intestine

3. High protein low calorie substitute to mayonnaise & spreads: with a third of the calories of an average mayonnaise it’s a no brainer why you would choose it over an inferior spread

4. High in essential fatty acids: in order to burn body fat you need to have unsaturated fatty acids in your diet (found in olive oil, chickpeas and tahini)

5. It’s a delicious ‘on the go food’: being fast health snack you can have with vegetable sticks such as carrot & celery which means you are also increasing your vegetable intake for the day

Here are some ways to enjoy hummus in your diet

– On a piece of toast for breakfast

– On a wrap with some meat and salad for lunch

– As a snack with some veggie sticks

– On a pizza base (instead of tomato base) with grilled vegetables and feta

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