Health concerned individuals know about food and nutrition choices if your goal is weight loss. Many healthy foods contain addictive ingredients to make your choices taste just right and leave you wanting more. Here are just 12 of those addictive foods to avoid if you goal is weight loss.

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1.- Diet Drinks; loaded with aspartame, acesulfame K and neotame making a chemical cocktail, can affect metabolism function and weight gain via triggering the appetite. Other health-related problems digestive problems, depression, inflammatory bowel disease and more.


2.- Canned Tomatoes; The resin linings of tin cans contain bisphenol-A (BPA) a synthetic estrogens, has been linked to health ailments including heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

3.- Bread; modern day wheat found in all types of bread; white, whole wheat, whole grain, sprouted, organic, after extensive genetic modifications is said to be triggering a wide range of health issues including weight gain and obesity.

4.- Corn; today’s corn cobs are more like pesticide mini factories, most being genetically engineered. Corn finds its way into many processed foods in the form of high fructose corn syrup, for example pop corn, it spikes the blood sugars and thus you feel the need to eat more.

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5.- Artificial sweeteners; ironically found in almost all diet products on the market, there’s a growing amount of evidence that suggests using artificial sweeteners, which have zero calories, is just as bad for your waistline as using regular, high-calorie sugar.

6.- Commercial Smoothies; can turn in to a pure sugar rush, with added syrup, ice cream along with maybe genetically modified corn or soy.

7.- Farmed fish; a great way to obtain protein and other nutrients into the diet, but eating the right fish, certified wild fish, is more important. Farmed fish maybe fed on drugs and/or pesticides to encourage survival till harvest time. Consumed by humans all these chemicals play a role in unbalancing the body’s systems.

8.- Margarine; full of artificial antioxidant to stop the product from spoiling; these chemicals can raise the bad cholesterol in the body, not helping your quest to lose weight healthy.

9.- Healthy Cereals; some contain as much as ten different types of sugars, not only is excess sugar a threat to healthy blood sugar levels, but it can also trigger overeating, lead to dangerous fat build up around your liver, and even cause accelerated aging.

10.- Soy; thought of as a great healthy alternative in a balanced diet. The genetically-modified, pesticide-doused soy found in processed foods as well as the obvious soy milk and cheese products found in many supermarkets are hormone disrupting poisons. Choose organic fermented soy.

11.- Energy bars; a glorified candy bar with very little protein or fibre content. Use only as a very last resort, as the short sharp shot of sugar will make you hungry and crave more food later.

12.- Sports drinks; unless you have jus hiked the highest mountain or just finished an Ironman contest, these addictive drinks should be avoided, full of sugar artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and numerous mysterious ingredients that do little to support health and could be undermining it.

Avoid these 12 addictive foods, eat real and whole foods, then you will achieve your weight loss goals.

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