Healthy super foods might conger up a picture of bags of flax seeds, boxes of Hemp powders or jars of pond algae, like Spirulina, all super foods that you add to your green smoothie, giving an extra nutritious top up of goodness for your body and our vital organs.

For some people the whole super foods topic maybe a little confusing, the idea is that you add superfoods into a balanced diet not to use them as a replacement; here are 10 Superfoods you’ve been ignoring all along…choosing organic, will help leave out the toxins and pesticides, in addition, if you are shopping locally from farmers hosting sustainable untreated crops, you will be helping the environment too.

1. Apples: Always a great source of Vitamin C but they also contain antioxidants or sometimes referred to as phytochemicals which help fight off damaged caused by free radicals.


2. Asparagus: Provides both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties so assisting your body to sustain its natural balance.

3. Bananas: A loved fruit by many athletes, the combination of potassium and fibre helps a healthy heart by regulating blood pressure.

4. Basil: Easily grown at home, fresh is best for a full flavour in your pesto sauce, its full of flavonoids a great boost to your cells at fighting off unwanted invaders.

5. Cherries: Like nearly all super foods this packs a multiple punch, with beta carotene and melatonin amongst other nutrients this tasty fruit helps with your memory too.

10 superfoods2

6. Dark Chocolate: This is a relief for the chocoholics, full of antioxidants to help the heart and brain along with blood sugar  levels. It’s worth going out of your way to taste the wonders of High grade chocolate like those from the Mayan homelands of Guatemala.

7. Eating your greens! Add raw baby spinach leaves to your salad or Kale to your morning green smoothie, great if you want a detox.

8. Honey: Not only will this help regulate blood glucose levels it may help to prevent heart disease. A cup of hot water, a slice of lemon and teaspoon of honey is a great way to start the day to assist the digestive system too.

9. Oatmeal: An old favourite, now with the added advantage of being organic and/or gluten free to suit all dietary requirements. Plenty of fibre and not many calories a longer lasting fuller feeling to really get your day started.

10. Turmeric: Although again it’s been around for a long time, turmeric is only just beginning to get recognised as a superfood, spice or herb. Containing Bio-active compounds with anti-inflammatory effects in addition to having very strong antioxidant. Many studies have shown the turmeric may help the body fight major illnesses

This is just a small sample of superfoods that you’ve been ignoring all along. Mix it up, experiment and enjoy finding which super foods work for you. Remember we are all individuals. Aim to try consuming one superfood a day if you’re new to the healthy food regime.

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If you’re super green smoothie junkie then enjoy the way you feel, “Super healthy”….

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