Burning fat is much more than just eating less calories.
Burning fat is eating foods that keep you full with an efficient metabolism.

Burning fat is ultimately about managing metabolic hormones and keeping brain chemistry balanced. When these are in balance you will feel fuller and naturally eat less calories as cravings and hunger are balanced.

The yummiest foods that burns fatwork by controlling the metabolism via hormones and brain chemistry as opposed to their calorie content alone. Low calorie foods might aid weight loss but fat loss requires a hormonal approach. When metabolic hormones and brain chemicals are balanced along with a calorie deficit the body can burn fat.

The trick is to optimise fat burning is to pick foods that support metabolic hormones and fat burning enzymes to ensure an efficient metabolism.

I have listed below foods that have ideal ratios of macronutrients that stimulate the fat burning metabolism and/or foods that suppress appetite and cravings. These foods are rich in protein, good fats, fibre and water and are low in starches that cause hunger and fat storage.

Fat burning foods are very difficult to overeat due to their satiating powers.

Add as many to your diet as you can and pretty soon you will be losing weight effortlessly and all just from eating the yummiest foods that burn fat.


Whole eggs make a great addition to a fat burning diet. They contain both good fats and are a complete protein. They are also easy to prepare, versatile and very satiating. Soft boiled eggs with asparagus soldiers make a fabulous breakfast option and the body will expend more calories burning it off that it would cereal or toast. An easy way to add volume to meals without extra calories is to use extra egg whites in your omelets or scrambled eggs.


Cinnamon helps manage blood sugar levels by blunting the effects of insulin. When we eat foods high in starch

Not a high protein food but certainly one that has beneficial effects on brain chemistry by increasing motivation and decreasing cravings. Dark chocolate has less m and sugars it can spike blood sugar levels causing the body to release the fat storing hormone insulin. Adding cinnamon to say hot cocoa or food it can help prevent fat storage. When insulin levels are better managed the body can burn fat more efficiently.

Dark chocolate

uch sugar and more antioxidants than regular milk chocolate. The higher the cocoa content the better. For a yummy fat burning hot chocolate drink, mix a tablespoon of 100% cocoa powder into a paste with a small amount of milk in to a paste. Add cinnamon and hot water. Use a natural sweetener such as xylitol or stevia to sweeten.Yummiest foods that burn fat!_2


Low in sugar and super high in fibre and Vitamin C they are a great sweet treat but without the fat storing sugars. The high levels of Vitamin C can help reduce the effects of stress and Cortisol, the stress hormone, that can disrupt fat burning. They are said to contain properties which disrupt the development of fat cells by up to 73%.

Cruciferous and dark green vegetables

Vegetables are loaded with nutrients but without the calories. Piling your plate high with vegetables that are low in sugar and calories will keep you fuller for longer. It will also decrease your overall calorie intake as you will replace the higher calorie foods on your plate such as beige, starchy carbs that could stimulate fat storing. At each protein rich meal add three times the amount of vegetables to ensure a balance and efficient metabolism.


Apples are lower in sugar that other fruits and contain an enzyme which inhibit the absorption of starch and sugar in the intestinal tract. These polyphenols lower the absorption of sugars which in turn prevent blood sugar spikes that stimulate the fat storing hormone insulin. Add a tablespoon of nut butter to make it a more satiating and incredibly tasty and fat burning snack.


Sardines are high in essential fats. These help boost the fat metabolism by plumping up cell membranes for better insulin sensitivity and communication with the fat burning hormones. They are also low in toxic mercury and super tasty making them an ideal yummiest foods that burns fat.

Water based vegetables such as cucumber and celery

Add these to salads or have as snacks. They are very low in calories but the high water and fibre content will keep you feeling full for much longer as it stretches your stomach sending full messages to the brain. Their natural low sugar content they will balance blood sugar levels and encourage fat burning.

Greek Yoghurt

With up to twice the amount of protein than regular yoghurts, plain Greek yoghurt has a very satiating effect on hunger hormones. A dollop on top of a bowl of fresh berries makes a yummy fat burning snack.

Coconut oil

Replacing your regular cooking oil for coconut oil can have a positive effect on our metabolism. Unlike most other fats, coconut oil is high in Medium Chain Triglycerides which are metabolised and used as energy as opposed to other types of fatty acids. It is also said to reduce appetite and increase thermogenesis or energy expenditure.

Lean meats

The body expends more energy breaking down protein than it does any other macronutrient. Having adequate protein in each meal will increase thermogenesis (amount of calories burned) along with stabilising hunger and cravings. Protein raises the fat burning hormone Glucagon which opposes the action of Insulin, the bodies primary fat storing hormone.

Whey protein

Protein is the most abundant nutrient in our bodies second to water. It has a structural role and is the building blocks for our cells. Whey protein is absorbed quickly and efficiently by the body. It is a complete protein rich in branch chain amino acids making it an ideal post- workout recovery food but also perfect for managing weight due to its appetite suppressing and stress managing effects. You can buy in plain or flavoured forms to create shakes or for adding to foods such as porridge to create a yummy fat burning meal.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are fairly tasteless on their own but added to baking, salads, smoothies and soups they take on the flavours. They are high in essential fatty acids which encourage healthy cell membranes and efficient fat burning. They are said to absorb 10-12 times their weight in water forming a gel in your tummy keeping you full for hours.

Have fun experimenting with these yummy food that burn fat! But remember foods can’t technically burn fat by eating them, but eating the right foods in the right amounts along with a healthy lifestyle, they can help your body to become more efficient at burning fat.

Big love, small tummies!

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