Right now, there’s a good chance that many web pages you land on will have an advertisement somewhere advocating a new, trending diet. It’s also quite likely yu have a friend who recently suggested a diet she just began this New Year’s Day.

You have dieted before and each time you find the same thing: temporary success and then failure.

It’s also very possible that you have gained the weight back and then some!


And nbow you can’t help but wonder, can a diet actually make you fatter?

The answer is Yes

You might be gaining weight from your diet and you have no idea why. Hopefully this information helps to shed some light on why your diet is flawed.

Here are four reasons why diets can actually make you fatter:

1. Dieting is short lived

There are many reasons why your diet is holding you back from losing weight.

The number one reason why dieting isn’t ideal is because of its “on” or “off” mentality.

You may be able to stick to a diet for a few weeks and see results. However, when you ultimately and undoubtedly stop the meticulous nature of the diet, you will likely resort to your old eating habits that bring you right back to square one.

2. You’re not changing your eating behaviors

There are many reasons why you might be overeating or binge eating and those triggers will not go away with a short term fix.

If you overeat, instead ask yourself why?

Do you turn to food as comfort? As a reward? As a result of boredom? Or a way to silence your anxiety?

If any of these are reasons why you find yourself overeating, actively seek other ways to meet those needs. Learning more about yourself and finding alternative methods will help you fight your binge eating habits.

fat diet_23. Diets are too restrictive

They restrict calories, fat, carbs, sugar, you name it.

There’s a different diet out there for all kinds of things.

First off, diets that restrict too many calories can bring your metabolism to a halt.

When the diet is over and you resume your normal eating habits, your metabolism won’t be able to pick up at the same speed as it had before and it may lead to some extra fat cell storage.

The restrictive nature of diets also causes you to have stronger food cravings than you ever had before and you may find yourself overeating more than you had before.

4. Dieting disrupts your balance

There are other reasons why balance is key. Some diets will, for example, cut fat intake too low.

This may cause you to consume a surplus of carbohydrates that flood your system.

Your body won’t be able to burn this excess influx of carbs which causes them to also get stored away in your fat cells.

Making sure you are getting an appropriate amount of all food groups will help stabilize your hormones and your metabolism.

For many reasons, your diet is failing you

Do not succumb to the torture of dieting that leads to distracting food fantasies.

Ditch your structured diet and listen to your inner wisdom which will allow you to bust unconscious eating and put you on a path for an overall balanced lifestyle.

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