The teenage years are perhaps the most dramatic developmental years in a person’s life.  It is very important to present teens with a program that will help them in the key areas of: mental growth, physical growth and lifestyle balance.

In terms of mental growth, a teen can learn to develop a level of confidence that helps facilitate the pursuit of goals and challenges. Confidence (not arrogance), an ability to empathise and to respond in measured and constructive ways to whatever life throws in your direction – all of these lifelong traits can be strongly forged in these teen years.

An effective workout plan for teens can mean a lifetime of benefits.

Good habits are best made early

It is a well known fact that, if we are going to create good habits, the earlier they are made the better and the more impact they will have on our lives.

Therefore the teenage years are perfect for setting in motion lifelong habits and values that will have a positive impact for decades. At this time of our lives we generally have boundless energy, many of us have the chance to pursue a variety of sports and activities and really develop a good understanding of physical activity.

A workout plan for teens will reap huge benefits…

The teen can learn more about the health benefits of exercise and that establishing positive lifestyle habits early on in their lives will benefit them long into the future. The teen can learn more about how the body moves with the concentric and eccentric motions of the muscles and as they develop to physical maturity they can grasp how training enhances that development.


A first proper understanding of nutrition

But it is not all about sports and the gym. Food is of course always vital and the teen years are almost certainly the first time we are able to properly appreciate what food is all about. We develop our first understanding of what is good, what is bad and why.

Just eating what we fancy might not actually be the best plan and we encounter how nutritionally dense food will help in their growth, development and strength.

As it relates to physical growth…

A teen can benefit from optimizing their body through exercise and reap the longterm benefits of having a sustained level of muscle strength and endurance.

And cardio fitness is of course critical at this point as it remains so for life. A teen can derive a sustainable level of cardiovascular endurance which will help augment their daily health and activities. This will lead to an enhanced ability to participate in team or individual sports/activities as well as being able to undertake general life tasks with energy and endurance.

In relation to lifestyle balance, a teen can utilize exercise/nutrition to help them manage stress, their weight and bolster self-esteem.

With the pressures of growing up in today’s world, teens can always use positive support mechanisms such as exercise. Prior to the start of any exercise program, the teen should schedule an examination with their doctor through their parents.

Please inquire with me here about the Easy Workout Plan For Teens that I have created.

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