It’s generally poor adherence to a training and nutrition plan that sidetracks people’s weight loss goals. However, if you are ticking these boxes and you want to get the ball rolling even faster, there are other easy ways to loose weight! In fact some of these require very little effort. Here are some other easy ways to loose weight.

Sleep More

This is possibly the easiest approach most people can include to assist their fat loss efforts. A study compared sleep length and quality on fat loss. Even though all the participants followed the same dietary protocol, the study established that the group sleeping over 7+ hours a night lost the most fat.


The reasons for this is very complex, but researchers believe that reduced sleep volume causes an imbalance in numerous hormones the following day, this in turn effects energy levels, cravings, mood, and even increased stress. I think we can all agree these are not good attributes for fat loss. Sleep more loose more!

Get Out In The Sunshine

Yeah thats right, make sure you are not spending your whole life in the gym, get out and sit in the sunshine! Vitamin D is produced in the body when your skin is exposed to sunlight. Now obviously I’m not saying go and lay in the sun for hours a day because that is very unhealthy.

Research recommends 20 minutes a day for most is enough, between 10am and 2pm. Lower Vitamin D levels is associated with higher fat mass in all ages, races and both genders. Aim to get outside on your lunch break for 20 minutes, if this is impossible you need to consider supplementing with Vitamin D.


Write A Grateful Log

One of the greatest and often overlooked factors that slows down or even stops fat loss is stress! Stress particularly chronic stress leads to cortisol secretion, cortisol primary function is to increase blood sugar to help you get through the stressful situation (on a side note the stress response is the same if you are being chased by a lion or your burnt out at work), this is far from ideal for weight loss as it leads to inflammation, insulin insensitivity and once again negatively effects hormones.

The best approach I personally have found to deal with stress is write a grateful log every night, simply before bed write three things that happened to you that day that made you happy, write down three things you want to achieve tomorrow. Then write down three goals you want to achieve this month. Give it a try nobody should be ruled by stress, and managing it could make such a difference in your weight loss goals.

Do Some Volunteering

Whether it’s saving a baby seal or helping the homeless, volunteering is a great activity, were ticking lots of boxes here, your reducing time spent doing bad dietary habits, reducing stress and helping someone else.

In summary, nutrition and training are critically important but there are several other easy ways you can loose weight such as those above without any additional hardship. Do you have any more tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments section below!

Chaput, J., et al. Sleeping Habits Predict the Magnitude of fat Los in Adults Exposed to Moderate Calorie Restriction. Obesity Facts. 2012. 5(4), 561-566.

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