When it comes to bodies everyone is shaped differently. Some are straight, having no curves. Whilst others have curves and some will store fat in the top part of their body, whilst others on the lower part of their body.

It’s not surprising, that we can have dislikes when it comes to our bodies. People are unhappy with lumps and bumps but often don’t have the understanding of how and what works, and the way to  properly nurture change.

Usually the outcome is a lurch towards the quick remedies and empty promises, the grasping at alternatives like eating a low calorie diet, Herbalife, Weight Watchers, right down to taking diet pills, The list is endless…


Here are the three different body types with their traits

This will give you a better idea of what kind of a body type you have:

Mesomorph– Muscular and well-built, Mesomorphs have a high metabolism and responsive muscle cells, generally belonging to the athletic built.

Typical traits of a Mesomorph

• Athletic

• Generally hard body

• Well defined muscles

• Rectangular shaped body

• Strong

• Gains muscle easily

Gains fat more easily than ectomorphs

mesomorph body shape 1

Endomorph Big with high body fat, often pear-shaped, Endomorphs have a high tendency to store body fat more so than any of the other 2 body types.

Typical traits of an Endomorph:

• Soft and round body

• Gains muscle and fat very easily

• Is generally short

• “Stocky” build

• Round physique

• Finds it hard to lose fat

• Slow metabolism

• Muscles not so well defined

Endomorph body shape 2

Ectomorph – Lean and long, Ectomorphs have difficulty-building muscle, let alone gaining any weight. A good example of the type of body an Ectomorph belongs to is long distance runners.

Typical traits of an Ectomorph:

• Small “delicate” frame and bone structure

• Classic “hard-gainer”

• Flat chest

• Small shoulders

• Thin

• Lean muscle mass

• Finds it hard to gain weight

Fast metabolism

ectomorph 3

different body shapes 4

Above is a picture illustrating both women and men body types.

It is possible to be a mixture

Even though there are three body types, an individual can have two body types traits. Example: they find it easier to sculpt the top part of their body, but not so the bottom half, were the individual finds it hard to loose weight and there legs look bigger than their upper body does. This is, prime example of an individual being a Mesomorph on their top part and an Ectomorph on the bottom.

The Mesomorph and Endomorph body types have similarities, being both can place weight quickly in an area, but the only difference, Mesomorphs are quicker at converting fat into muscle giving the individual a more toned look, whilst an Endomorph who finds it harder, resulting to a less toned look, instead looking saggy.

Another example: An individual who is very straight on their bottom half, never storing fat would be an, Ectomorph, but finds it hard to loose weight on the top, often storing fat around their, back, stomach area, and their arms would be a top half Endomorph.

The moral is what works for one person will not always apply to another in terms of lasting results. Therefore it is important to train your body type accordingly, right down to accommodating the best nutrition in order to achieve lasting results.

Stay tuned for part: 2 ‘Understanding body types’

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