Are you feeling tired and lacking energy? Or are you feeling blue that even your best outfit can’t lift your mood? If so, why not try a few simple things that will boost your mood and immune system?

What I am talking about? I’m talking about detox!

Why detox is good and its health benefits

Toxins from foods and the environment attack our bodies daily. Air and water pollution as well as food additives and drugs are examples from a vast list of substances that we come across almost constantly (Horrigan et al., 2002).

Additionally, our body deals with high levels of stress every day. That along with poor diet can impair the ability of our organism to defend itself from viruses and microbes. Therefore, during the weekend, when there is more time to dedicate to ourselves, is the perfect time to make little changes in our eating habits in order to experience the health benefits of a detox diet.

2 Day Weekend Detox Diet Plan – Day 1


1 cup cooked oatmeal topped with ¼ cup 0% plain Greek-style yoghurt and fresh fruits (½ banana, ½ apple, 5 grapes)

Health Benefits: Oatmeal can reduce blood cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. Eating Greek-style yoghurt for extra boost of protein and fresh raw fruits contain dietary fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.


1 cup 0% plain Greek-style yoghurt with berries and 1 Tbsp honey

Health Benefits: Greek-style yogurt is full of probiotics; berries and honey are full of antioxidants.


Mixed salad with: baby spinach leaves, 2 cups including: carrot, cucumber, red and green bell peppers, ½ cup of quinoa, ½ cup chickpeas, ½ avocado, 2 tsp extra virgin olive oil, 1 tsp vinegar dressing, lemon juice and a pinch of salt

A Great Weekend Detox

Health Benefits: Vegetables are full of antioxidants, quinoa has a low glycemic index which helps you control your blood sugar levels low, chickpeas are an excellent source of essential nutrients (protein, iron, folate, phosphorus) and dietary fiber, and avocado contains omega 3 fatty acids.


– A handful raw nuts including walnuts, cashews, peanuts, flakes of almonds, raisins and a couple pieces of dark chocolate

– 1 cup of green tea

Health Benefits: Research suggests that nuts like these can all play a heart-protective role during times of acute stress, as well as are high in vitamin E, vitamin B and magnesium content which can enhance your immune system when you’re stressed.

Green tea is considered one of the world’s healthiest drinks with its anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic effects.


– Salmon fillet brushed with citrus glaze (1 Tbsp each orange juice, honey and vinegar dressing) while cooking.

-½ cup cooked brown rice prepared with 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

– 1 cup cooked broccoli, asparagus or winter squash

– 1 cup Cucumber, mint & lemon water

Health Benefits: Salmon is an excellent source of high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids, and its contribution to healthy brain function, the heart and general wellbeing. Green vegetables are also full of vitamins, minerals and disease-fighting phytochemicals (antioxidants), as well as rich in fiber for a healthy digestive system.

The flavoured water is great for improving digestion.

Day 2 


-Egg-white scramble: ½ cup egg whites (or 3 egg whites) with 1 cup chopped vegetables (tomato, bell pepper, baby spinach leaves), prepared with cooking oil spray

– Lemon Water

A Great Weekend Detox

Health Benefits: Egg whites are good source of essential vitamins and minerals, high protein and low cholesterol. Vegetables are full of fiber which helps control your hunger.

Drinking lemon water boosts your immune system, provides you with a good dose of vitamin C and also stimulates your liver.


– 1 slice toasted whole grain bread with 1 tsp tahini and ½ banana

– 1 cup of black tea

Health Benefits: Whole grain products are high in fiber content and tahini contains healthy unsaturated fats and is full of antioxidants.

Drinking also a black tea helps you relieving stress and reducing blood pressure. It is full of polyphenols which are powerful of antioxidants.


– Pasta tuna salad: 1 cup cooked whole grain pasta with 1 cup chopped cherry tomatoes and our water-packed tuna salad mixed with 2 Tbsp chopped white onion, 2 tsp extra virgin olive oil and 1 tsp vinegar dressing.

A Great Weekend Detox

Health Benefits: Whole grain pasta encourages slow digestion; tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Tuna is a source of omega 3 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory health benefits. Onion has also repeatedly been shown for its anti-inflammatory benefits and cancer protection.


A smoothie with avocado, spinach, green tea, cinnamon, ginger

Health Benefits: Avocado has a good quality source of omega 3 fatty acids. Spinach and green tea are full of antioxidants that help promote good health. Cinnamon and ginger both have anti-inflammatory properties.


– 5oz boiled or grilled boneless chicken breast

– 1 medium boiled sweet potato

– 2 cup tossed field greens drizzled with 2 tsp olive oil and 1tsp vinegar dressing

Health Benefits: This meal is high in protein content, with sweet potatoes being an important antioxidant source of food, containing a great amount of vitamin B6 and potassium which help maintain normal function of the brain and central nervous system and has also a low glycemic index.

*Drink plenty of water, recommended 8 glasses of water or more.

Try it for a weekend and start the new week with a renewed and more revived you. And who knows? You may want to try some of those meals or snacks during the week as well. Don’t forget that healthy eating habits should be part of our lives every day of the week!

Let us know how it went for you.

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