Pregnancy for women is a Gift from God.

Unfortunately, many women during pregnancy think they have absolution regarding their diet and many of them think they now have to eat for two! So fall into the trap and after giving birth are not sure what to do with the unnecessary pounds that were left.

Think that less than half   of the recruited weight, allocated to the fetus, the placenta and amniotic fluid and the remainder in reproductive tissues, fluids, blood and fat. The fat deposited in the abdominal area and buttocks and that is an energy reserve for the period of pregnancy and lactation.


Distribution recruited weight during pregnancy:

– Fetus – 3,4-3,8 kg
– Placenta – 0,7 kg
– Amniotic Fluid – 0,8 kg
– Matrix – 0,9 kg
– Increase plasma volume – 1,5 kg
– Breasts – 0,5 kg
– Deposition of fat-protein – 2 kg
– Extracellular fluid – 2kg

First thought of a woman after giving birth is proper care of her baby and the second thought is how to lose those extra pregnancy pounds quickly*.
Unfortunately, I have met women whose priority in their thinking is upside down.

The weight loss of pregnancy has become an obsession for those women and unfortunately did not think the importance of breastfeeding for the health of their baby. Resulting resorting to fad diets during lactation, and so baby cannot take all the nutrients it needs and breastfeeding slowly thins.

“Breastfeeding is the greatest gift you can do to your baby and yourself ‘’

Advantages of breast feeding:

– Breast milk is nutritionally superior to any other alternative food
– Breast milk is safe from bacteria and is always fresh
– Breast milk contains a plurality of not virulent factors and immunocytes
– Breast milk contains less allergens than any other food for infants
– Breastfed infants rarely feeding more than healthy
– Breastfeeding promotes normal development of the jaw and teeth
– Breastfeeding costs less than commercial infant formula
– Breastfeeding promotes a narrow contact and communication between mother and infant

Did you know that breast milk of every mother contains exactly the nutrients it needs her own child?

The process of breastfeeding requires increasing the daily intake of most nutrients. So, severe reduction in calorie intake of the mother during lactation can cause significant reduction in milk production.

That’s why nursing mothers should not follow slimming diets. Besides, studies have shown that the nursing mothers only with the energy costs of lactation shows reduction of body fat stores without a concomitant decrease in the energy intake.

So to avoid having to find ourselves in a difficult position of excess weight after pregnancy we should not think to get a lot of weight during pregnancy because there is no reason to miss breastfeeding because of weight which we got.

*ONLY in high-risk pregnancies recommend this provider to weight loss, but always with the consent of the gynecologist in consultation with the dietitian

Healthy diet plan after giving birth

healthy diet plan after giving birth

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*These amounts are for an average breastfeeding woman. You may need more or less than the average. Check with your doctor to make sure you are losing the weight you gained during pregnancy. (USDA)

Remember to…

– Eat a variety of fruits
– Eat more dark-green and orange vegetables and cooked dry beans
– Choose whole instead of refined grains
-Choose low-fat or lean meats and poultry
Get low-fat when you choose milk, yogurt and cheese.

A final tip – why not check our fit pregnancy series and learn how to stay healthy and fit throughout the whole pregnancy!

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