Glowing skin definitely starts from the inside out.  While we all may want to purchase the latest anti-aging cream or the perfect make-up, glowing skin comes from healthy eating habits and exercise.  Unless you are ingesting nutrient-dense food every day, your skin will not look its best.

The nutrition of glowing skin

Glowing skin starts with a trip to your local farmer’s market or grocery store.  The following foods are a great place to begin:


Dark chocolate

Let’s start with one many of us already love! Flavonols are antioxidants found in dark chocolate and help reduce sun damage and reduce any roughness in the skin.  Do not eat too much – about an ounce per day is plenty.

Ground Flaxseeds

Omega 3 essential fatty acids found in ground flaxseeds help moisturize and hydrate the skin by attracting water to the skin cells to plump them up and reduce wrinkles.  Make sure to purchase ground flaxseeds because the body cannot digest whole flaxseeds as easily.  Sprinkle them on salads, oatmeal or add them to a protein smoothie in a blender.


The Vitamin A in carrots helps prevent the overproduction of cells in the outer layer of the skin where dead skin cells and sebum combine to clog pores. Plus, the Vitamin A helps reduce the risk of developing skin cancer cells.


The vitamin E in almonds helps protect the skin from UV rays, toxins, chemicals and pollutants (free radicals) in a toxic environment that we are all exposed to on a daily basis.



Cooking tomatoes is the best way to get lycopene – a phytochemical that gives tomatoes their bright red color.  One-half cup of cooked tomatoes will go a long way in giving you glowing skin.

Tuna melt anyone?

Tuna is loaded with selenium – an antioxidant that helps preserve elastin, a protein that keeps skin glowing and smooth.  It also helps prevent free radicals (toxins, chemicals and pollutants) from damaging skin cells.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are loaded with Vitamin C that is essential for collagen production.  Eating these bright-orange taters can help decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dark leafy greens

Spinach, in particular, not only helps reduce the risk of cancer but helps repair and maintain DNA.  These healthy greens help bolster the skin cells ability to renew themselves while the water in these leafy greens help penetrate cell membranes leading to less wrinkled and plumper skin.

Green tea

Now, make sure you drink it hot and that it is green.  The antioxidants in green tea start to degrade when it cools.  This amazing brew serves up plenty of anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent skin cancer, reverse the effects of sun damage by neutralizing the changes that appear on the skin when exposed to sun.

Extra-virgin olive oil

The nutrient value of olive oil was discovered over 5,000 years ago for its amazing benefits.  Discovered by the Egyptians, Cleopatra used it as part of her skin care regimen.  You can too.  It helps maintain the skin’s elasticity and keeps skin supple, smooth and glowing.

Add these foods to your list for your next trip to the grocery store.  They are delicious, healthy and will help give you glowing skin.  It is never too late.


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