A Zen Buddhist goes into the woods and sees a fox.  He begins a conversation with the fox telling her to be in the present moment… 

The fox, confused, says “Where else would I be?”

Patterns in the present moment


And so considering our daily habits around what we eat and drink are the only way to create a nutritional pattern that allows our body and mind to be well.

In addition, within our being there is a sense of what size and shape is best for us. That sense can be overridden with lots of logical and emotional input when we get into the artificial world of dieting.

The good news is that daily weight loss habits can retrieve that sense and get results that fit into a new easy lifestyle.

Getting started

Here are four things to consider to get started:

1. Eat for yourself

“Perhaps the greatest way we can honour ourself is to respect our stomach by eating healthy food and in moderation.”

Robin How, WatchFit Expert.

Decide why you want to lose weight. What will you gain? What will you be able to do that you can’t do now? What difference will it make? What will you see, hear and feel when you are at your ideal size and shape?

Sometimes we get the idea that it is not possible to eat differently than folks around us.

Enjoying the company of others at a meal is not the issue here and is still absolutely delightful.

Once you decide to eat for yourself you can eat what you want, in the portion sizes you want, as slowly as you want. No explanation is needed if others comment except that you are doing what comes to your mind today.

2. Eat three small meals a day

Consider that our digestive system may not get a break if we are eating all the time (grazing).

Ideally we would eat like a baby and eat when we are hungry and stop when we are full. Let’s begin that today.  

At first it maybe difficult to tell hunger and fullness as a bodily sensation but as the days go by those sensations will become more easily felt.

If you are thinking that portion creep has happened (consider how the sizes of portions in restaurants has increased) just eat less than you are eating now and day by day you will get a sense of how much is good for you.

Remember that leaving food behind on your plate is your new freedom. Excess food doesn’t work in your body anymore. (Beware drinking high calorie drinks instead of water).

daily weight loss habits_23. Enjoy eating

Since you are eating purposefully to become the size and shape you wish, you can enjoy it more. That means eating what you want to eat and only that.

If what you eat does not lead to weight loss, then re-evaluate and make a few changes (no dieting please).

Eating slowly and consciously makes a difference to enjoyment and also to the ability of the body to provide that full signal that lets you know to stop eating.

When you eat, just eat.  No TV or reading a book or working through lunch as a daily event anymore for you.

4. Notice a difference

Imagine – you now have three opportunities each day to stop, take a bit of time and enjoy connecting to what you are eating and drinking. How pleasant to breathe, look up and enjoy tasty food that fuels you body for today.

Notice how that blouse or shirt feels more loose or that you can get into a piece of clothing that was too tight altogether. (If you use a scale cut down on its use as it can be a de-motivator).

Notice that your energy is increasing as is your pleasure at creating new habits around eating that allows for your control over what and how you eat.

Eating can be about freedom!

With a sense of doing what there is to do right now that will support weight loss, it is possible to gradually lose that weight and be your ideal size and shape.

Just by focusing on these basics, amazing changes can happen as the new habit falls into place. I’m calling it “the Forever Habit”.

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