Victoria’s Secret models are in a league of their own, displaying a look of health and glow. With the usual expectations of a super model legs that go on, the added bonus – a toned body and curves in all the right places,  ‘absolutely gorgeous’ sums them  just  by a half.

It’s not surprising that these models are at the centre of attention of most women’s eyes’, wishing to look the same. Victoria’s secret models are not only beautiful on the outside, the majority of these women are respectable mothers and wives, leading a role model of high values, which separates them from the usual stereotypes of being too thin, gaunt looking from drug abuse.

What is the secret? How to get curves like Victoria Secret models?

Firstly, looking at all the super models, it’s clear to see their genetics are good – this doesn’t mean they don’t work out. Or eat clean.  Quite the opposite: interviews held with individual V.S. models revealed they don’t follow diet plans, but instead look at fitness and healthy eating as a lifestyle, even hiring the services of fitness professionals.

At last year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, Behati Prinsloo  stated that before a major fashion show, she works out more with her trainer at the gym,  particularly paying attention to areas of the body that she is not happy with.

Helena Philippou, personal trainer and diet and fitness expert adds: ‘paying attention only to body parts that you are not satisfied with can lead to future weight gain or becoming lob-sided – the body is at its best when worked all over. Use splitting sessions, for example: 1 day arms and back, the next day legs and gluts (bum), and so on. This will give you  a better overall result, tone the whole body and reduce the risk of future injuries.

Alessandra Ambrosio’s approach to her preparation is pretty much the same, stating that her workouts become more intense when preparing for big shows. Diets are not on the agenda, instead she ups her load of clean eating, consuming more organic fruit & vegetables, salads and greens. She likes adding juicing days in her regime, and has a special love for green juices. She also confessed about cutting down on cakes and all the bad stuff in preparations for big shows.

How to get the curves of a Victoria’s secret model? Secrets exposed

Ambrosio is also a believer in preparing her mind for big shows ahead of time, making sure she gets her LA sunshine and a lot of rest. She says this helps her keep in top form. This is no surprise, as sunshine is the best form of receiving vitamin D and bringing out the good mood, which is essential for staying in great shape!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Lily Aldrige’s approach to working out, and she swears by its results is ‘beautiful ballet’: a routine, consisting of targeted exercises and stretches to sculpt ballet muscles. Lily has responsibilities of being a mother and has stated that beautiful ballet is part of her weekly necessities – as well as getting beneficial results, she finds the routines  fun and energizing.


It’s no wonder Victoria’s Secret Angels have made a mark in the fashion industry, distinguishing themselves from other super models and respectfully earning the title ‘Angels’! These ladies are certainly living proof that clean eating and regular exercise is the essential ingredient to everyone’s lifestyle.

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