Candida’s found in everyone in small amounts. It is a fungus which thrives on foods/drinks containing yeast and sugar ,foods prone to mould i.e. bread, bread based cakes, fruit, aged cheeses, badly stored grains ( keep grains in air tight containers), some food additives (e.g. monosodium glutamate) and malt/balsamic vinegar.

The modern day diet is very high in these foods making it more common for people to have excess candida in their system.

There are many symptoms that may indicate you have candida:


Low energy and lethargy
Difficulty concentrating (Foggy brain)
Athletes foot or fungal nail infections
Digestive disorders: diarrhoea, bloating, flatulence
Food intolerance/allergy
PMS as the candida can bind to the hormone receptor sites.
Susceptibility for Urinary tract infections, thrush & cystitis
Underactive thyroid
Sensitivity to chemical, perfume and smoke
Weakened immune system

There are may theories on how to get candida under control in the body but a diet that is too restrictive can cause it to lie dormant until someone has a binge bringing it back with avengence.

The main causes of candida are too much refined carbohydrates and alcohol in the diet in ratio to good protein, vegetables, and water which reduces the good bacteria in the gut allowing candida to thrive. While low stomach acid can also increase candida as it helps kill off unhealthy bacteria entering the stomach.

To kill off the candida it is often necessary to follow an anti-candida diet for 6 to 12 weeks. This involves avoiding / restricting food/drinks containing: sugar, yeast, cheese, mushrooms, malt/balsamic vinegar and most alcohol particularly beer

This can be quite a lot to deal with at once as many people have cravings for foods which contain sugar/yeast. Therefore it is advisable to reduce these foods gradually.

Candida healing foods

– High fibre diet – vegetables/wholegrains (brown rice, quinoa and oats)/pulses: chickpeas & butterbeans to remove toxins from the body.
– Lean protein (eggs, chicken and fish) with all meals to reduce cravings for sugar.
– Water – 2 litres to help flush out toxins.


Once you have spent a couple of weeks adjusting your diet supplements can be beneficial to get the candida under control but taking too many too soon can lead to die off symptoms called Herxheimer reactions : headaches, achy muscles , tiredness and rashes.

Month 1

Start off with a good probiotic:

– ProbioticS.Boulardii a friendly yeast to block out the candida x 1 capsule
– Probiotic Acidophilus /supplement to rebalance gut flora with good bacteria x1 capsule daily
– Digestive enzyme to breakdown food thoroughly x1 with lunch and dinner
– A multivitamin with 200ug chromium and B vitamins to help with cravings with breakfast and lunch if instructions for 2 daily.

Month 2

Continue with acidophilus
Garlic within diet or via supplementation to kill off the candida
Caprylic acid but start slowly take for no longer than 1 month 1 daily for 2 weeks then increase to 2 capsules.

candida diet2

Anti-candida diet recommendations – Foods to avoid

Sugar: Biscuits, cakes, sweets, ice cream, chocolate, tinned/packet soups/ gravy mixes, jam, honey, fizzy drinks, fruit flavoured drinks, fruit juice, milkshakes, sugary breakfast cereals, hot chocolate (including low calorie) malted beverages e.g. horlicks.

Yeast: Most bread, marmite & all alcohol. Plus check food labels of items likely to contain ‘dried flavorings’ (e.g. stock cubes, powdered soups) for ‘yeast extract’, ‘monosodium glutamate’ or E621.


Fermented products: Cider vinegar and small amount mayonnaise ok!


All vinegars/pickles/mustard/mayonnaise/ketchup/ shop bought salad dressings/soy sauce

Mould:  Blue cheeses including stilton.

Fungi foods: Mushrooms and Quorn

Fruit: Oranges, grapes, overripe bananas and dried fruit

Foods you can eat!  

Wholegrains: yeast free rye bread, soda bread,* yeast free tortilla wraps*, yeast free sourdough bread*, oat cakes, rice cakes, porridge oats, millet, shredded wheat*, brown rice, wholemeal pasta*, buckwheat pasta, quinoa, rice noodles.

All vegetables/salad: broccoli, cabbage, carrots, onions, fennel, chicory, sweet potato, celery, beetroot.

Protein – poultry, lean red meat, fish, pulses (chickpeas & lentils) & eggs

Fruit – hard fruits: apple, berries and pineapple. Better combined with natural yoghurt.

Dairy products – cottage cheese, buffalo mozzarella, edam and live natural yoghurt.

Dressings – lemon juice, flaxseed oil, olive oil and cayenne pepper, cider vinegar ok, natural yoghurt and lemon juice with pepper

Drinks – limit tea/ coffee. Increase herbal tea, Redbush tea, dandelion coffee & water

Alcohol vodka, soda and lime or occasional white wine spritzer with soda water.

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