In Part 1 Joey Bull introduced us to the complex world of fat that blights so many and she began to explain how we can fight cellulite.

Joey exposed some of the most ineffective and inefficient forms of treatment and offered her own thoughts on the matter. Here she continues and provides three invaluable tips to beat back the cellulite menace!

What causes the body to hold water?

Poor diet and even some seemingly healthy food choices cause the body to hold water. This happens when we scoff items the body can’t harmonise with. We’re given some latitude but when you reach the threshold, the body goes into overdrive to sort out the problem. Too much acidity especially, will make cells draw water into them to dilute the problem.


Little signs of the body’s imbalances:

– drowsiness at odd times of the day
– poor nights sleep
– difficulties concentrating
– lack of vitality.
– weight gain

But even these things are hard to spot when they’ve become part of your day-to-day feeling and condition.

Admittedly some people have to work harder than others in this war with the dimpled wobbles but it is worth it for so many reasons, far beyond cellulite busting.

Annihilate Cellulite_2

Three tips to fight cellulite

I’ll spare you ‘Ten Top Tips’ and give you just three really worthwhile ones that you can easily follow and digest.

1) Eat clean

That means if it doesn’t grow or graze, don’t eat it, even the produce of the grazer – dairy. Sugar and refined foods play havoc with hormones amongst other things. Give them a rest for now. Watch out to for starchy foods: rice, potatoes, pasta etc.

Make sure the bulk of your diet is real plant stuff: vegetables, fruit and vegetable proteins. Fish and meat are added to this. Keep it strict for about three weeks or more.

2) Exercise with interval sessions

Short blasts of intense exertion can create more testosterone over time and that doesn’t mean a wide jaw and hairy chest for the ladies. Give it a try and ditch the long aerobic workouts, trade them in for mini, short, sharp tough workouts with the heart rate peaking and dropping.

3) Don’t fall for marketing scams

Cancel your appointment with ‘Dr Dimple’ and don’t fall for the quick fix marketing claims. They don’t know your body, you do. Get to understand its needs, what it wishes to reject and how much smooth flesh you are meant to have.

Stay motivated and be patient!

Do yourself a favour and pursue this plan. Six weeks gives the body a fair amount of regeneration and renewal time (not long in the scheme of years of dubious habits) and you may see results well before. See how much more loveliness, smoothness and vitality you acquire and deserve.

Meanwhile I’ll be practising what I’m preaching, even as we move towards the festive season, and once we’re out the other side of that and on course for all the bright and beautiful aspects of Spring, we’ll be cellulite free zones.

Not only that, we can also have a clear conscience that we can fight cellulite and we haven’t fallen for any marketing tricks and squandered any money. 

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