Calorie Restriction Diet. Just typing in those three words makes me feel miserable. If you’ve ever been on a diet, then you know how painful these three words can be.

You’re hungry all the time, and if you don’t figure out an effective routine to regulate this hunger throughout the day, you may be done eating by as early as lunch if you ‘overindulge’ in the morning.

Fortunately, more and more nutrition methodologies are moving away from calorie restriction diets, as well they should.


While calorie restriction diets CAN be effective for weight loss, they do NOT instil proper eating habits and are thus an unsustainable method of eating. Instead, one should worry about the quality of the foods ingested on a daily basis, as opposed to the quantity.

If you’ve read any of my nutrition articles in the past, then you know I’m big on staying in a lipolytic state as often as possible. For those of you new to my work, lipolysis is a state of energy creation wherein your body is burning your fat stores as fuel.

This is the opposite of glucosis, where your body uses the carbohydrate you ingest as your primary fuel source. Glucosis takes you OUT of a lipolytic state, shutting off your fat-burning, and if utilized as your primary energy source too often, can lead to insulin resistance, Type-2 Diabetes and obesity.

Tired of plateauing and being hungry all the time?

Then it may be time to move to a diet that does NOT incorporate calorie restriction. How? Glad you asked!

Greg Glassman, Founder of CrossFit, said it best when he summed up what the healthiest and most effective human diet is: “Eat meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.” If you can memorize that sentence and incorporate it into your grocery shopping, cooking and entrée picking, then you’ll be in very good shape nutritionally!

calorie restriction diet_2

Keep the above foods organic as often as possible

Conventionally raised and produced meats often contain antibiotics, hormones and artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that are not organic (and raw in the cases of the nuts and seeds) often are sprayed with excessive amounts of pesticides and herbicides, which tends to saturate the crop in these toxic chemicals.

So, should you just delete the MyFitnessPal app from your phone? Not at all! If you want to track anything through this app and expedite your results, then you’ll want to track your macronutrients throughout the day.

Ever hear of the If It Fits Your Macros community? They’re a fitness community that tracks their macronutrient ratios in proportion to what they’d like to accomplish. Typically, these ratios are in the ballpark of 40% carbs, 40% proteins and 20% fats.

While this can be effective short-term, this is not a healthy or a sustainable macronutrient ratio for long-term health or sustained success.

Instead, aim for the following macronutrient ratios to get the best results:

Macronutrient Recommended Percentage of Daily Intake

Fat 60-70%

Protein 20-30%

Carbs 0-10%

A quick biology lesson

The body only needs to ingest two macronutrients in order to survive: Fats and Proteins. If we ingest in our food in the quantities provided while sticking to the sentence mentioned above, we’re then able to fuel our bodies through lipolysis and burn fat all day long in a healthy, sustainable and permanent manner!

I hope this helps free you from the prison of calorie restriction. Please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me directly with any questions.

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