Menstruation or your period, which normally occurs once every month on average, is often associated with several physical symptoms and behavior changes in women, due to hormonal factors. Each woman may have a different experience, from mild to severe.

But, one of the most common cases that generally occurs in any woman is a diet change. Many women are craving a particular food or being overly hungry  on their period. Is it normal? As we can see, it can be a complicated situation. Because on the other hand, fulfilling your appetite during your period each month might be a serious threat for your weight stability.

A frequently asked question: Do you burn more calories on your period?

A woman’s hormone levels fluctuate during her menstrual cycle and this condition automatically has an impact on her metabolism. The energy requirement for human daily metabolism processes (e.g.: adapting body temperature, digesting food, etc) is called Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). When a woman enters the luteal phase of her menstrual cycle, her BMR will increase by 9%. Presumably, it happens due to elevation of progesterone hormone secretion by the corpus luteum. The luteal phase itself commonly starts about 2 weeks before the period and lasts for 14 days, approximately.

In accordance with this process, the higher appetite by the time of the period is basically a sign from your body in order to have an additional energy for metabolizing. This fact will be proper as an ultimate answer for that frequently asked question above. Do you burn more calories on your period? Well, not exactly during the period, but just right before it comes. Unless you do more exercises while you are on your period, then we can say so.

do you burn more calories on your period

Is it okay to eat more? Or not

The increase of energy requirement prior to your period practically allows you to adjust your daily food intake at that time. However, it would take a good management to keep your ideal weight securely. Firstly, eat often in small portions. You can split it to 5 meals in a day to make it simple. For example: if your daily energy requirement is 1500 calories, you can allocate 400 calories for your breakfast, 300 calories for lunch and the same amount for dinner, and 250 calories each for twice snack-time (some time after breakfast and at any time before 6 pm). For a full 1500 cal diet plan, check this out.

Secondly, choose a carbohydrate source with low glycemic index, avoid too salty and fatty food, get some fibre from fresh vegetables and fruits, and do not forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Last but not least, it is always important to spare regular time to move your feet and have some fun exercises! Jog in the morning, try new equipments at the fitness centre, or a relaxing yoga session can be a good choice to freshen your body by the time and during period.

By doing these simple strategies, you will also be helped to stay away from the Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) aside from having your weight controlled, for sure. As a result, you can get through the days of your period more peacefully without worrying too much about your weight scale anymore. Congratulations!

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