I think everyone has heard of BPA but in case you haven’t or are not sure of what it is, let’s talk about BPA here and you will then understand why you should avoid it.

And I will give you a few tips on how to steer clear of BPA wherever possible.

What is it?


BPA (Bisphenol-A) was first created in 1891 by a Russian chemist, by the 1930s, it was known to mimic the effects of oestrogen in the human body. However, as with many of these things, it still managed to find it its way into industry as a chemical that could produce strong, resilient and often transparent plastics.

BPA is used to make many products, including: water bottles, baby bottles, dental fillings and sealants, and is also found in epoxy resins which are used as coatings inside food and drinks cans.

BPA can imitate your body’s own hormones, it mimics and interferes with these hormones and disrupts your endocrine system. It interferes with all the processes of production, secretion, transport, action, function and elimination of natural hormones. Your endocrine system has glands which release hormones which influence almost every cell, organ and function of your body such as:

• regulating mood,

• growth and development,

• tissue function,


• Sexual function and reproductive processes.

A CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) study found 95% of adult human urine samples and 93% of samples in children had bisphenol A.

BPA has been linked to a number of health concerns, exposure, even at very low doses, creates risks of dangerous developmental, neural and reproductive health effects in infants and children. It is linked to a huge number of health problems, including:

• breast cancer

• prostrate issues

• diabetes

• obesity

• hyperactivity

• compromised immune system

• miscarriage

• issues with female reproductive organs

• lowered sperm counts

• Down’s Syndrome

• Turner Syndrome

• early onset of puberty

• impaired learning

memory issues

• increased aggression

A long and varied list I am sure you will agree and whilst BPA is not 100% responsible for these issues it can be a contributing factor.

Many companies are now using ‘BPA free’ plastic but my personal concern is what is the replacement? They are still using chemicals to harden and strengthen the plastic used in water bottles, plastic containers etc we have not seen a reduction of these products on the market, they are still being produced and now mostly labelled as ‘BPA- Free’ as consumers are learning to ask and look for products that do not contain BPA.

My questions are, has this new material been tested and do we know the health implications?

Below are some quick tips to help you to start avoiding BPA in canned foods.

Quick Tips for Avoiding BPA in Canned Food:

• Avoid canned foods whenever possible (choose fresh and frozen instead).

bpa canned food

Use glass for storing food and glass or stainless steel for water bottles. Glass jars are easy to clean and can be reused for anything and everything from serving, drinking and storing, and for freezing and heating foods.

Never microwave plastic, well never microwave full stop BUT if you insist DO NOT even use “microwave-safe” plastic as this can still leach chemicals into food when heated.

Look for soups and sauces in glass bottles

Skip the canned beans, soak dried beans overnight and cook them the next day.

My philosophy with everything is “if in doubt, don’t”. I personally avoid cans and plastic whenever and wherever I can even if it is BPA-free; I stick to glass containers whenever possible. Glass jars, water bottles and storage containers, as mentioned they are easy to clean and re-use.

So I encourage you to avoid BPA where you can, start with simple steps of avoiding buying anything in cans or plastic as much as possible and then work on clearing out of your home anything you already have that contains BPA.

If you would like to find out more about getting rid of toxins such as BPA then connect with me, and find out how I can help create a bespoke plan for you, and get you started straightaway on your journey to optimal health. We can avoid the confusion and take simple and easy steps to achieve health, happiness and abundance.

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