If you are looking for a smart way to start losing the weight you gained over the Christmas holidays, detoxifying your body from excessive sugar might be a good place to start.  This article gives you some insight about sugar and some suggestions to a healthier you in 2014.

Many people use refined sugar regularly without considering the serious health consequences. This can be found in almost every product available in stores. It might surprise you to know even salty products contain added sugar to ‘enhance’ the taste. Even products that you might consider ‘healthy’ could be exceeding your recommended daily amount, such as 100 ml of any fruit juice in the supermarket.

How does sugar affect the body?

Sugar has a detrimental effect on the whole body. In the mouth it stimulates bacterial growth, which leads to caries. In the stomach, under the influence of certain bacteria and yeast, it produces alcohol fermentation. Moreover, in this way it stimulates the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Consequently, unhealthy blood goes to the liver and impedes the functionality of the liver. In turn this sends unhealthy blood to every cell of the body!

Sugar is powerful, and some studies show that sugar stimulates the same receptors in the brain as opiates. In this way sugar is addictive. Sugar intake stimulates serotonin release in the brain, so we feel happy, but when we stop sugar intake, the effect is the opposite. So ask yourself, is it worth it?

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How does sugar cause weight gain?

When sugar is consumed, the organism transforms simple carbohydrates into glucose which is then stored in the bloodstream. If that glucose in the bloodstream is not reduced by exercising heavily, then the pancreas releases insulin so that the cells absorb the excessive glucose, which is consequently stored as fat. Simple!



Benefit 1: Reduce the risk of obesity.

When you reduce sugar levels in your diet, your calorie intake will be lower. A lot of products have a high amount of calories in a small portion. I recommend you to check the food product label. Learning to understand the basics of how to interpret food labels is an essential tool for anyone keen to improve their nutrition.

Benefit 2: Reduce the risk of diabetes.

If you limit the sugar intake, it will help to reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus type II. This disease is very common and it is increasingly occurring in young children, teenagers and adults. Soft drinks have lots of sugar and there is a relation between their consumption and the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. A can of soft drink has around 150 calories and can contain 10 spoonfuls of sugar.

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Eating too much sugar increases the level of triglycerides. This refers to the circulation of fat in the body. It is directly proportional to the level of cholesterol and related to the risk of heart diseases. Avoiding excessive sugar intake will reduce the risk of having a heart attack.

Benefit 3: Reduce the fatigue and hunger attacks.

Sugar is going to increase the glucose level in your bloodstream quickly, but when insulin is released, it will quickly decrease its level. This produces elevated energy for a short period of time, but very soon after that you will be hungry again. An important term to understand is the Glycemic Index or GI, which shows how quickly sugar levels increase in the bloodstream after eating a particular type of food. This Index is higher when carbohydrates raise blood sugar faster. Therefore, it is advisable to eat food with a low GI, because they raise blood sugar levels slowly, whereas, food with GI of 70 and above are detrimental to the insulin response.

Benefit 4: Reduce the risk of dental caries.

There is an important link between sugar consumption and dental decay. The reason for this is that sugar creates significant bacterial growth in the mouth, changes ph, causes white cover on the tongue and dental caries. Sugar intake can lead to paradentosis, a serious dental disease. If you want to have a healthy and beautiful smile, cut out sugar from your diet.

Benefit 5: Feel and look beautiful…and sleep better!

Sugar creates skin problems, making it oily and looking lifeless. It also creates acne and puffy dark circles under eyes. Refined sugar reduces the production of collagen molecules, a type of protein that makes the skin tight and young-looking. Therefore, if you want to look beautiful, stop using sugar in your diet.

In addition to this, sugar causes insomnia and restlessness, which will prevent you from having quality sleep. Cutting out sugar from your diet will give you a fresh look and you will feel great.

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Another bad effect of refined sugar is that it reduces the amounts of B vitamins in the body. Those vitamins are essential for the health of our nervous system, hair, nails and many other organs in the body. By avoiding sugar, hair and nails would look beautiful, and the nervous system would function well.


Many celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Aniston lead healthy lives by completely cutting out sugar from their diets. Now you are better informed about the negative effects of sugar, you might consider trying a new and healthy way to eat, which includes balanced diet that will be beneficial for your health. This means eating more fruit and vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole grain cereals instead of refined sugars.

As an alternative to refined sugars, check out this energy ball reicipe. Also, it is recommended to use pumpkin seeds, cinnamon and pepper in your diet, as it recovers the body from sugar. Why not  also check out the 10 crucial steps you need to take for a sugar addiction detox diet!

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