We tend not to think of lettuce as being not much more than something to flavour our sandwiches and salads and add a generous quantity of green to our plate. But there is so much more to lettuce…

It’s pretty universally accepted that lettuce is not unhealthy, but we also don’t go out of our way to include it in our diet. It’s rarely lumped in with the likes of broccoli as a beneficial green.

We should think more of lettuce though. There are far more health benefits to eating it than people realize. Here’s five of them for you to think about.

Benefits of eating lettuce

  1.    Aids Weight Loss

If you’ve decided that it’s time to cut a few pounds, you’ll be looking for foods that you can use to fill in the gaps left by those that you’re cutting.

Lettuce is perfect for this for a couple of reasons. First of all, lettuce has an extremely low-calorie count.

As anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight know, you have to keep track of your calories and make sure you are cutting them down effectively.

A single serving of lettuce contains five calories. That’s right, just five. You can have a nutritious, low-calorie meal by making lettuce a part of it.

Another reason is that when you have a low-carb diet, you are not getting as many micronutrients as your body is accustomed too. Lettuce can provide that.

And on top of all that, lettuce is surprisingly high in fiber. Fiber will make you feel full, so if you have some lettuce you won’t feel the urge to eat much more.

It’s just a great food for weight loss all around!


  1.    Improves Skin and Hair Health

While the weight loss outlined above is a big advantage of lettuce, it’s also great for keeping many different parts of your body healthy.

Skin and hair are helped out a lot. Lettuce is high in potassium, which is great for circulation and this allows a lot of oxygen and nutrients to travel to the skin.

And this might not be something that you’ve thought of before, but washing your face with lettuce extract is actually great for your skin too!

Lettuce is packed with Vitamin A which revitalizes your skin and itis also high in Vitamin K, a vitamin that boosts your hair strength. It can also prevent your hair from prematurely graying.

The extract comes in useful in this regard too, because you can wash your hair with it before you start shampooing.

Considering this and the numerous other benefits that we’re going to discuss here, it might even be worth it to start growing your own lettuce.

That way you’ll have a constant supply without having to spend too much and it will be fresher too because it’s coming from your own garden.

  1.    Improves Muscle and Bone Strength

We’ve talked about potassium already, but it’s something that affects you in a number of very positive ways.

A lack of potassium in the system is a factor that has been linked to weaker muscles. It’s also linked to the possibility of muscle atrophy as you get older.

You can keep your body stocked up on potassium if you eat lettuce and luckily it’s something that you can eat every single day.

The wide variety of vitamins found in this vegetable are very good for your bones. Vitamins A, C and K are all important for the production of collagen, an early step in bone formation.

Bone mineralization is also something that’s very important as that makes up almost three-quarters of each bone in our skeleton. Vitamin K, found in lettuce of course, speeds this up.

Having a lack of Vitamin K can lead to an increased risk of your bones breaking, especially as you get older so it’s a good idea to get as much of it as you can.

Muscles and bones give us a structure and allow us to physically function, we definitely need to take good care of them!

  1.    Maintains Vision Health

It might seem like I’m just listing of a bunch of different nutrients and vitamins that you can find in lettuce, but there really is that much good in the stuff!

The one here that helps out your vision is something called omega-3. This is an essential fatty acid that is beneficial in quite a few different ways, one of which is keeping your eyes healthy.

It can keep a lot of eye-ailments at bay including some serious degenerative stuff like glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Lettuce is also strong in a couple of chemicals known as lutein and zeaxanthin. You don’t have to remember those words, just know that they’ll reduce your chance of developing cataracts.

Many, many older people have to deal with cataracts in their life and it’s so easily avoidable with a good diet, and lettuce should be a part of that.


  1.    Cuts Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is another issue that affects a lot of people and it is usually just one of the many consequences of a bad diet.

Lettuce has a low glycemic index which means that it doesn’t cause much of a rise in your blood sugar. Anything that keeps your blood sugar low is a good addition to your diet.

As we mentioned before, it’s also got an extremely low calorie count. As most people now know, being overweight is one of the biggest contributors to diabetes.

This is mainly because being overweight causes you to have a sedentary lifestyle, which in turns causes a rise in blood sugar.

So losing weight is good and lettuce will help with that. Diabetes is such a huge problem these days with people of all ages that taking any measures to avoid it is a good idea.

Lettuce is just one of those things that can help you out with that!


Lettuce really is an unsung hero in the vegetable world. When it comes to the benefits of eating lettuce, there are so many good reasons to consume it on a consistent basis.

Skin, hair, bones, muscles, lettuce is good for all of them. So in the future, use it as more than just a flavouring, you’ll be all the healthier for it!

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