Do you sometimes feel like if you are running out of energy?

Feeling inexplicably weak and tired? Thinking you won’t make it through the day? Wondering what has happened to you?

All these symptoms maybe due to health problems like anemia, thyroid dysfunction, sleep problems, allergies. However the answer might be closer than you think……on your plate.


Too busy to notice

Quite often the daily routine and professional obligations keep our mind busy and consuming energy without us realizing it. We skip meals, drink too many coffees, consume meals rich in fat and calories, forget to drink water and many other everyday nutritional mistakes.

We forget that food is our power bank through difficult days and seasons.

A balanced and nutritious diet helps us have all the energy we need, even on demanding days. By that, I mean the type of food, the portion, the combination and the time of the day that we choose to consume a specific food or meal.

Are you ready to rebuild your body?

Follow these steps for a week and get ready to see results!

1. Avoid animal fat

Think as if you were in a fasting period. Prefer products with low animal fat content. This is the best way to detoxify your body and prepare it for healthy and nutritious foods that will make you feel better and stronger.  However a small amount is needed on daily basis.

Prefer “good fat” such as mono and poly-unsaturated which you can find in olive oil and fish. Therefore choose olive oil for your salad and food and consume fish 2-3 times per week.

2. Eat lots of vegetables

This is the best way to feel satiety with fewer calories.

Vegetables are high in fiber, which makes us feel full faster and thus we consume less food reducing the caloric intake. In addition they regulate better the glucose levels so cravings are limited and they also help control cholesterol levels. Make salad your new habit.

Prefer fresh, seasonal vegetables to accompany your meal raw or cooked. You may even use them in combination with fruits to prepare a super healthy and nutritious smoothie!

Rebuild body_23. Charge your body

It is known that carbohydrates are the body’s and mind’s fuel. However you must be careful of the type of carbohydrates you use. Complex carbohydrates are a better choice because they metabolize slower without causing sudden rise in blood sugar levels, which promotes weight gain.

4. Seek satiety in proteins

Proteins are the main food group that helps us feel full for hours! Especially when we prefer no fat proteins we can achieve that without burdening our body with redundant calories. Prefer fish, white and lean meat, egg white.

5. Need a snack? Vote for nuts!

Undoubtedly nuts (unsalted) can give us a boost of energy during the day. They are very rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, fiber, vitamin E, B complex vitamins, magnesium and others.

However remember that they also have a high caloric content, so do not over do it. A small handful is enough to give us the energy we need. Another idea is to add them in your salad!

6. Hydrate your body!

Don’t forget that in order to rebuild your body, you firstly need to remove all the toxins. The best physical way to do it is to start drinking enough water. Even a medium dehydration may reduce our performance about 25%.

7. Extra tips

Add super foods to your daily diet for extra strength, energy and protection of your immune system.

Start using linseed, ginger, capers, raisins, saffron, pomegranate, Chios Mastiha, Mountain Tea are just some ideas. Some of them can be added in your salad and your food and others may be consumed as herb tea.

Rebuild your body diet plan

skim milk with oatmeal or
fresh juice and 1 whole wheat bread with tahini

fruits or fresh juice
small handful of unsalted nuts

fish or lean meat
Salad with fresh vegetables
Whole wheat bread
Olive oil

fruit and vegetable smoothie or
No fat Greek yogurt

boiled egg or low-fat cheese
Whole wheat bread
Salad with fresh vegetables
Olive oil

And Remember to drink 2 litres of water daily!

This is only a general plan. Always advise your dietitian or doctor to give you a diet based on your specific needs, preferences and health problems.

Ask for your personalized Rebuild Diet Plan today and feel the difference!

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