The typical modern Western diet is full of processed foods. This usually means a lot of sugars, additives, preservatives and saturated fats. It is not what the body is meant to have. No doubt much of it is convenient, but this convenience has produced a myriad of health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and other problems.

Eating clean is the antithesis of the typical modern diet today. It means eating whole grains, lean protein and complex carbohydrates.

Benefits of eating clean

There are many health benefits of adopting a clean eating diet. Actually, it is rather a total lifestyle than a diet one. One of the reasons many people first look at adopting a clean eating diet is to lose weight, with NO sugars and processed foods, your body will drop weight.

In addition to losing weight, some of the first things people seek for are an increase in energy, healthy skin and hair. Remove all additives and preservatives from the diet and fill your body with the nutrients wants and needs, they will help to increase your energy and lead to a healthier appearance.

General health is another benefit of eating clean. Reduce saturated fats in the diet lowers the chance of heart failure or stoke. Eliminating highly processed foods and sugar from your diet can lower your chance for diabetes. And the list goes on.

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Here are some basic components of adopting a clean eating diet:

Eat food in its natural state

Think about how the foods you eat originated – in its most natural state. Wheat was certainly not intended to be stripped of all its nutrients, beaten and then mixed with a lot of additives and preservatives to fuel the body. Eating clean means taking the food back to its more natural state. That means eliminating processed sugars, additives and preservatives from your diet.

Eat small frequent meals

Another aspect of eating clean is to eat small frequent meals. Our standard three square meals a day is outdated. It has been researched and proven that eating smaller meals more often helps the body in a number of ways. It helps to have a feeling of being satisfied. It also helps increase overall metabolism, which brings together a wide variety of health benefits, including weight loss.

Cook your own meals

One of the downfalls of our modern diet of processed convenient. You can get a box of this or a jar of something else frozen and pop in the microwave for a quick meal package. You can start with eating all natural, clean food and then add some more. Spices are a great way to add some pizzazz to your meals. Again, these are natural herbs and spices, is not pre-packaged platform class. You will be amazed and how different the actual taste is fresh herbs and spices you!

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How to start eating clean

It can be a little daunting to think about jumping to a clean eating diet. After all, your body is used to all the processed foods that have been feeding for years. It’s probably a good idea to take one step at a time. Start by eliminating a food category at a time. For starters, perhaps it is eliminating all bread.

A good when you are starting to eat clean is to redirect your shopping trips. Think about how to plan your purchases in this way: Start section of vegetable and fruits. These are generally one side of the store. Stock up on fruits and vegetables – almost the simplest thing to find in its true natural state.

Here is an easy to follow one day menu plan to start you off to a clean eating lifestyle:


1 cup low-fat cottage
Cheese with 1½ cups
Toasted Sweet
Walnut Fruit Salad


A handful of mix nuts


3 oz. sliced cooked chicken breast,
¼ sliced avocado, 1 slice each
Tomato, red onion, lettuce leaf
15 grapes


½ cup Fiber One
Cereal with 1
Cup nut milk (soymilk)


Tuna Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette:
3 cups salad greens, cucumbers and
Tomatoes, 5 oz. canned tuna, ¼ cup
Red beans, 1 tbsp. olive oil, 2 tbsp
Balsamic vinegar, 1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 cup watermelon

*remember to wait one hour before having your fruit or you could choose to have it before your meal.

You do not have to do it all at once. It really can be very hard on the body to do so. Start with some small steps and then add more. It will soon be on your way to feeling and looking better by eating clean.

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