With such busy lifestyles it is easy to forget that putting natural fresh foods and drinks into our body is important to stay healthy and energised. Then in the new year we often get caught up in the latest diet craze which often only help in the short term.

Ideally we should be eating a clean diet for life and I am a going to show you how following a 7 day plan can easily be repeated for everyday eating, so that you don’t get obsessed with diets and can incorporate all your treats too.

When changing to a clean eating diet there are certain rules to follow to make the transition easier as follows:

Day 1 Focus on water as our body is 70% water, which helps us absorb nutrients , remove toxins and stay hydrated and energised. Try to avoid alcohol for 1 week then alternate alcohol with water and have at least 2 free alcohol days.

Day 2 Increase fibre to support your digestion so include 2 to portions daily from oats, brown rice or quinoa and wholemeal seeded pitta bread.

Day 3 Eat 2 portions of greens daily to support the liver. Spinach, broccoli, kale, watercress rocket / cabbage 2 portions of fruit daily plus 1 orange vegetable: carrots/sweet potatoes.

Day 4 Add more protein at breakfast and lunch for fullness and concentration and to help reduce binging on sweet foods.

Day 5  Add in healthy fats from nuts and seeds for heart and joint health at least 5 days a week. The other 2 days eat oily fish or flaxseed oil for vegetarians

Day 6 Have one vegan day  ie no meat, fish eggs or cheese (beans lentils, nuts, seeds ok)

Day 7  Make healthy versions of desserts and treat wine as a dessert !

clean eating 7 day meal plan

Day 1 – Increase water 1.5 to 2 litres. Soup, veg and fruit also provide water!

Start your day with a glass of warm water and juice of half lemon

Breakfast 2 boiled eggs and 1 x piece of fruit

Lunch  Soup with chicken

Snack fruit

Warm water and lemon before dinner

Dinner Fish with half a plate of vegetables.

Camomile tea before bed

Day 2 – Increase wholegrains for fibre which work with water to be effective!

Water & lemon

Breakfast Soaked museli

for 2 cup of oats soaked with 300ml of milk, 1 grated apple, 1tbsp of flakes, juice of one orange. Serve with plain yoghurt

Lunch: 1 small pitta bread with half pot of hummus and crudités

Snack: fruit

Dinner: quinoa with Summer vegetables: peas, green beans, with yoghurt, lemon and mint dressing

Day 3 – Eat more greens  

Hot water and lemon juice

Breakfast Soaked museli

Lunch handful of spinach with pot of cottage cheese and juice of half a lemon.

Snack Kale chips  (Put Kale pieces in a bag and shake with olive oil. Cook on tray at 200c for 4 to 5 minutes. ( Store in airtight container)

Dinner Green smoothie Spinach with cucumber , celery, apple , lime juice and mint.

Mixed beans in a vinegarette dressing on a bed of grated carrot

Glass of wine

Day 4 – Start increasing more protein to curb cravings for sugar/carbs

Hot water and lemon

Breakfast 3 egg omelette

Lunch  100g tuna with green salad

Snack  fruit and 10 almonds

Dinner  Turkey Escalope with roasted sweet potatoes and green beans

Day 5 – Start increasing healthy fats; nuts, seeds (5 days (oily fish 2 days )

Porridge with 1 tablespoon of milled flaxseed and half a cup of blueberries

Lunch  1 slice of seeded bread with hummus and slice peppers

Snack  25g of mixed seeds such as munchies

Dinner  1 x salmon fillet with ramekin of brown rice and salad

Day 6 – Vegan Day


Hot water and lemon

Soya yoghurt with fruit and tbsp of flaxseed

Or porridge made with soya milk


Hummus and oatcakes with salad

Snack fruit and 4 brazil nuts


Lentil stew with sweet potatoes and ramekin of brown rice.

Day 7 – Dessert day  Chill out at the weekend

Fruit on rising

Brunch Cooked breakfast late morning!

Scrambled egg with grilled tomatoes, 1 slice of bacon, 1 x 90% + meat sausage with handful of sweet potato and beetroot crisps.

snack plain yoghurt & fruit or a healthy flapjack bar such as Nakd bar

Early Dinner

Steak and salad for a Saturday or Roast Chicken dinner for a Sunday with roasted sweet potatoes, crushed broad beans in a mint and lemon juice dressing, green beans


– healthy Eton mess half a cup of fruit layered with Greek yoghurt and crushed roasted almonds coated in agave nectar or
– Apple crumble mix dsp of milled seeds 1 tbsp of oats and 1tsp of ground almonds. sprinkle on cooked apples placed in a ramekin dish and drizzle 1 tsp of honey on each place under grill for 5 minutes. or
– Date and cocoa truffle  process half a cup of ground almonds and 1 cup of dates with juice of 1 orange. Roll into 1 inch balls and roll in cocoa.
– Optional 1 large glass of wine.

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